Sew What?!

I’ve been on a serious “I need a stinkin sewing machine” kick lately.  I’ve been seeing Do-It-Yourself projects everywhere that would require nothing more than a hem or two. 

Curtains, table runners, and slipcovers are what I’ve had the itch to make.  Specifically these. 

Here’s the tutorial I’ll be using from

I think they would look great in my dining room, no?


Yesterday, I went on and searched for my best option and ended up purchasing this guy.





I’ll be expecting him in the mail in the near future!  Until then, expect at least one no-sew project to pop up on this blog.  I can’t stop thinking about toss pillows either!  LOL!  I have problems guys…

Do you have any easy (like a 5-year-old-can-do-it) sewing projects for this novice?  Do tell mmmkay?




15 responses to “Sew What?!

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  3. I love those slip covers! You have to teach me how to make some for my kitchen : )

  4. I think pillows, pillows are an easy thing to sew and an easy way to practice. Plus who can’t use a few more pillows.

  5. Hi Mindy-
    Thanks for the feature. I am not a very good sewer, but can sew a straight stitch. I find the hardest thing is my patience. I want it done instantly, but sewing always seems to take longer sometimes than my short attention span can handle. Just start on something small or do one at a time. Before you know it – you will be done and proud of your work.
    Your chairs will work perfectly as mine are shaped similar. Remember you will have to make the bottom a bit wider than you actually need as it has to go over the top portion of the chair first. BTW- my sewing machine is really old and has no bells and whistles – but is perfect for my level of sewing.
    Best of Luck –

  6. I’ve totally been dying to break out my hand-me-down sewing machine and just haven’t had the chance! 😦 Getting the urge to try out my very rusty novice skills for pillows at the least!!!

  7. I can only hem pants and sew holes –that’s as fancy as I get!

  8. I hope you are better with yours than I am with mine. I got one for Christmas, and I tried to use it for the first time this past weekend. Epic fail. Don’t worry – I don’t think it’s hard, I’m just not crafty like that! ha

  9. I have had a sewing machine for years. Right now I have about 5 projects started but nothing finished. I need to get on it! Pillows for the couch is a goal!

  10. I’ve always had a sewing machine… but aside from hemming curtains and maybe a pair of pants here and there i NEVER Use it… someday… somday! ahaha

  11. I’m hopeless at sewing so you’re doing better than me 🙂

  12. If you find some let me know I have beed thinking about trying my hand at throw pillows for DD Bed !

  13. Check out my blog. bahahaha.

    Just remember…you won’t be a pro overnight. I keep telling myself that. And if you are, we can no longer be blog friends. 😛

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