How To Add Texture To A Room For $2

Texture is the most overlooked element when it comes to decor, yet makes a huge impact.

The other night, I picked up some jute twine for $2.

I had 2 empty wine bottles, so I figured I’d snazzify them.

The cork is inside this one.  Hear about that crazy event here.

I grabbed a few glue sticks and my hot glue gun, then went to work.

I put a few lines of glue about an inch long starting from the bottom of the bottle.

I just worked my way up.

I was so excited about this one (plus I’m OCD about creating balance) that I obviously needed to make another one 😛

Some may say that I have a tendency to go overboard.  I think I just know I good idea when it hits me, so I say go with it 😉   I raided our cabinets, and pulled out a glass mousse cup.

Of course, I had to mummify that in glue and jute also.  And maybe even stick a pillar candle in it for kicks.

Bathrooms need texture too!

There ya have it folks, you can whip up a cute decorative piece (or three)  for under $2.  Easy peasy.

11 responses to “How To Add Texture To A Room For $2

  1. Your blog is giving me so many ideas for my house!

  2. This is so creative, I love it!

  3. Beautiful AND easy?!?! Sounds like my kind of project 🙂
    I really like the way these came out!

  4. So creative – especially the little cup!

  5. you are so creative!!!! looks great and keep posting snazzy ideas like this one! LOVE IT!

  6. I’m all about this! Jute twine and sisal are miracle workers. I made some sisal coasters and I wrapped the legs of a folding table in twine. I’ll be posting it later this week! Now, I really want to wrap some bottles for my bookshelves.

  7. Pretty! I really like the candle holder idea…I also like easy projects! I’m also liking your basket of books on your trunk!

  8. Good job, I like it!

  9. you always amaze me mindy! so creative. can’t wait for a HOW TO book!

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