A Little Birdy Told Me….

To sign up for a Pinterest account, one needs either a Facebook or a Twitter account.  I had neither.  (Don’t judge!)

So, I joined Twitter.  Follow Finding Silver Linings (@FLSblog) for more adventures by clicking the link in this post or in the sidebar to the right…

Do you have a Twitter account?  What do you tweet about?  Do you like funny, informative, or link tweets?  I wanna know!

16 responses to “A Little Birdy Told Me….

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  2. I am going to be honest I am not on facebook nor do I tweet!! We now have a facebook account for our business which my husband is going to do.

  3. I still don’t really get it. I think it’s because I not many of my “real life friends” use it…so I prefer facebook for the “status update”…Let me know if you learn anything cool about it…or how to use it. I feel like I need a tutor…

  4. Yay!!! I’m following you @tiffanynico

  5. I don’t have one, and while I am not in love with the idea of broadcasting all the tidbits of my life, I am intrigued. The idea of keeping contact with people seems really fun, but I am not 100% sure.

  6. I’ll tell you a secret……. I came into big trouble when I twitterd something…. (‘Tomorrow back to hell…’.) Okay, I schouldn’t have done that… but I was really F… up… at the time….. Nearly lost my job…. So……NO TWIITTER FOR ME NO MORE!!!!! 😉

  7. I do!! I am @christinaorso

  8. I tweet over @fabfiftieswife for blog links, newest baking creations, workout accomplishments or just life in general. It can be fun and looking forward to seeing you over on tweetland!

  9. Twitter can be fun and another way to advertise your blog.
    I tweet over @fabfiftieswife and tweet links to posts, newest baking creations, general life, or workout accomplishments. I’ve added you to my list!

  10. min i just signed up for TWITTER!!!!!! what do i do??????? HAHAHA!

  11. Twitter IS addicting. I’ve also done some personal networking using twitter – it’s a great tool. I’m going to follow you, and talk to you til I can’t talk no more!!

  12. Be careful… twitter can be addicting!

  13. Yay! I do tweet… a lot about just about anything and everything. You can find me @curious_kitten on twitter!

    It’s a bit addictive. I try really hard not to tweet about my every move and more often than not to just joke a lot when I’m there. Welcome!

    I got signed up for Pinterest – I just have to set up my account. Not enough hours in the day!!! I can’t wait to use it for wedding boards though. While all my items are checked off my list for scheduling vendors – my creativity isn’t finished!!!

  14. Hey welcome to Twitter! I just started to follow you 🙂
    One more stop – FB, and you will be “complete” Social Media Queen!!!

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