A Day Late

So, yeah.  I didn’t realize that yesterday was the first day of summer until, like, 2 in the afternoon.  I would have posted this yesterday.  Better late than never right?

I’m the Queen of Procrastination.  If I don’t have a goal in mind and write it down to stare me in the face every day,  I will be get nothing done.  Ever.

In honor of summer vacation off of work and inspired by a pinterest picture, I created a summer to-do list of only fun things.  I slapped it right on the chalkboard wall in our kitchen (see how to make your own here) so we can see it every day.

What is on your 2011 summer fun list?


10 responses to “A Day Late

  1. I love all your creative ideas!

  2. Love, love, love this!!

    My fun summer list includes kayaking on the Mississippi, a drive-in movie, firepit time, baseball games, another vacay……..so much fun stuff ahead!!

  3. Great list! I’m really liking that!

  4. LOVE the list! Too cute!

    My summer to-do’s involve lots of time with the hubby and family and friends… by the pool, a few camping trips, maybe a weekend-getaway or two, some hiking, getting some mileage on the bike… and probably lots more!!!

  5. Happy summer! I love that idea, so cute and great fun ideas. Let’s hope the sun shines!

  6. COMPETING… and moving… and tons and tons of family time once I move. Preferably involving big bbq’s and the beach!

    …. and the arrival of my new neice!

  7. Minds! I love you.. cutest lady ever. Hearts ❤

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