How To Turn An Old Candle Jar Into A Cute Vase

Our office My craft room needed some life in it (stay tuned for the craft room details…).  Flowers.  I wanted to buy a vase at Ikea the other night.  I saw a few that I liked, but I promised myself not to buy anything I could make.  I put the vases back.

There are a few oddities I’ve inherited from my mom.  Categorizing chocolate as its own food group, embarrassing forgetfulness, and accumulating a mass of candles.   Hmmm.  I did say they were odd things.   Anyway, allow me to cut to the chase…

I have a box of empty candle jars in my garage (my husband is convinced I am a hoarder).  I keep telling him that one day I will find a use for these empty glass jars.  Well my friends, today I found use #1  for an empty candle jar.

I rounded up my favorite supplies.  In case you haven’t noticed, that would be spray paint.

Step #1

Peel the label off of the front of the jar & toss the lid into the recycling bin.

Step #2

Set the jar on a tarp or plastic that you don’t mind if paint gets on it. (Lesson learned from this incident don’t put it on the grass) I placed it upside down so I could cover the entire outside.  The paint is opaque and you will not be able to see in.

Step #3

Evenly spray a thin coat of “Frosted Glass” spray paint all over the exterior of the jar.  This will give the glass a bit of a rougher texture which will act as a primer, allowing the color spray paint to adhere better. This stuff has me intrigued, I will be using it again for another project, it’s so cool!

Step #4

When the frosted glass paint is dry, spray on 2 thin coats of a colored spray paint.  I chose this spring green color.

Step #5

Pop in your flowers & try to convince your husband you are not a hoarder because your crazy ideas are also money-saving & useful ideas 😛


20 responses to “How To Turn An Old Candle Jar Into A Cute Vase

  1. HI, this is my first time commenting but I’ve been a reader for a few weeks. I’ll have to try using the Frosted Glass paint next time I try to paint glass. The last time I tried spray painting a glass jar it didn’t work out too well (I know next to nothing about paint). When I moved in with my fiance last year I seriously considered whether or not I was a hoarder because of all the odds and ends I had stored for potential crafts. 🙂

  2. You’re so crafty! The vase turned out super cute…love the green!!

    Lesson learned…husbands are always wrong…….except for choosing us. 😛

  3. i guess we should have learned a lesson in making fun of mom and dad……. you have accumulated candles like her, and use spray paint for many many things like him.,.,.,., interestingggg!!!!

  4. OMG I am starring this in my google reader! I love this and wish I was creative like you–thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. love it ! what a great idea.

  6. Peonies are my favorite!

  7. I think this is a great idea! I also love squat vases to put big bulbous flowers in.

  8. Yay for someone else that hoards old jars! I absolutely think they make great vases. I once bought a certain kind of bbq sauce just for the jar it came in. I got an eye-roll for that one. 😛

  9. Girly you are too cute! Love the new vase…so creative! Love it! Hope you are enjoying you vacation so far!

  10. Spray paint! reminds me of tap shoes & ballet slippers!

  11. Ha! And not to mention it keeps you busy…. 😉 This is adorable! You’re making me want to go spray paint … everything.

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