If It Comes Back, It’s Meant To Be

Okay.  There has been some debate here at casa FSL about the front wall’s artwork, as most of you know (if not, catch up on that drama here).  It looked like this yesterday morning:

Well, yesterday afternoon I was in TJ Maxx to buy a new wallet -and only a new wallet.  Of course, you know it never works out like that.  I somehow ended up in the housewares section and spotted it.  Oh yes.  The EXACT Restoration Hardware mirror that I almost had a complete fit about a few months back in Home Goods!! Here it is hanging on the dining room wall of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier.

Here’s the Restoration Hardware’s link for the mirror if you are curious.

Here’s me in March trying to figure out if it would work in my house.  I had a full-blown photo shoot in the store. Yes, I know I’m weird 😛

Some other lady was looking at it yesterday, and I almost puked.  I was NOT letting this lady walk out of the store with it.  It wasn’t happening.  She walked away as I stalked from the aisle behind her (muahahahah).  I snatched that thing up faster than a fat kid eating a melting popsicle!

I have no shame people.  None.  Ha!

This lil beauty now lives riiight here.  My husband is thrilled because his fave artwork is back in the garage waiting for a new paint job 😉

Next on my list is salvaged wood shelves above our console table in the dining room to match.  I seriously skipped out of the store today!

Have you ever had a second chance with the one that got away?


18 responses to “If It Comes Back, It’s Meant To Be

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  2. Pingback: A Second Chance…Again!! | Finding Silver Linings

  3. ……You can set yourself apart by researching some creative..and unique..dining room decorating ideas that will not only set the stage for..elegant..dinner parties in your home but will also be a very enjoyable exciting..and..rewarding activity for you and your family….. ….Earth tones are also an excellent choice as..they set up a play-it-safe neutral palette that can be used as a..backdrop to showcase a beautiful painting or other prized wall decor..while matching well with other rooms visible..from the dining room.

  4. OMG! Have I had this happen… YES!!!!!!!! I even wrote a post about it… my Chrysanthemum chair! http://designbuildlove.co/?p=157

  5. Oooo! Yay! Very cute.

    I found a hutch today at the Salvation Army today. I can’t get it out of my head. I may need to go back…if someone has beated me to it!

  6. That’s a really great mirror. Although I must say… I think the picture looked nice there it just needed some added colour. Or better yet, come visit me and I will take the painting as is and use it….;) You will need to autograph it first though so I can brag about how you are famous.

  7. OOo I think that mirror is fabulous! I love finds like that at TJ Maxx

  8. Holy flip!! Great find Mindy, that’s crazy. I bet it wasn’t $400 either!

  9. Mindy, it looks GREAT right there! I’m glad you finally got it!

  10. I LOVE IT! Anything that involves Adrian Grenier is a win in my book! LOL!

  11. pawsitivelife

    Thats exactly how I obtain parking spots…follow people to their car and hide in another aisle…evillll

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