Any 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas?

I like to think of myself as pretty creative, especially in the gift department.  But I am stumped as to what to buy my husband for our first anniversary next week!  I found a cute idea online (duh!) that I think I may D-I-Y.  I’m not going to post in in case he secretly reads this blog. In which case, he’ll know that I have no idea what to get him… sorry Love 😦

He’s mentioned that he liked this ipod dock/speaker a few times.

It’s pretty frikkin cool, but a little impersonal, and definitely not romantic.

Please give me some ideas!!

Here are some lovey dovey coupley facts to help your girl think of something amazing…

* We honeymooned in Jamaica

* We are going to Atlantic City for our anniversary weekend

* We read in bed every night -he loves autobiographies

* He loves to perfect our yard

* We go on ski vacations

* We always get into trouble  have fun on his quad

* We’ve seen The Wailers (Bob Marley’s band) in concert a bunch of times and love them



12 responses to “Any 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas?

  1. The playlist is a wonderful idea as well as the autobio :] Thoughful and from the heart…can’t go wrong with that.

  2. You could make a play list of songs that have the titles embedded into a story you write….That will make the dock seem a little more personal. Oh and I like the scavenger hunt idea.

  3. I was thinking of an autobiography of your first year of marriage. It’s sort of like a scrapbook, but verbal. Just something to chronicle all your happy thoughts and times spent together. Sometimes we don’t take the time to say what we want or the moment isn’t right, but to let someone know how you feel and that they are appreciated is really a kind and loving sentiment. At least that’s what I would do. Maybe place it on the nightstand in place of his book, so it’s sort of an understated surprise, unless he reads this, then the jig is up. Whoopsie….

  4. Since I am a scrapbooker I second the idea of making a mini scrapbook of either a special event or photos from your entire relationship paired with the ipod speakers/dock and an intimate evening at home or at a favorite restaurant.

  5. I like to make scrapbook-y things. For an anniversary, maybe it’d be cute paired with something sentimental too. Maybe you could do a scrapbook of a fun little vacation, day trip, date, etc. And then relive it? I think that’d be so fun.
    Good luck 🙂 I’m always horrible with presents myself haha, it’s so stressful!

  6. I’ll have to ponder this idea but since you were thinking DIY – I believe the first anniversary is PAPER. If you google the anniversary years that is the traditional first year gift something made of paper 🙂

    I am no help obviously 😉

  7. You could get him the ipod dock, but deliver it in a special way. A couple years ago for Valentine’s day, I sent my husband on a hunt to find his present. There were 4 or 5 clues that took us to places around town that had special meaning to us, first date, engagement, wedding…

  8. how about a “Kindle”? (you get to use it too!) or a “Nook”. Rox just bought one and said it was great. Also, you can make him his favorite dinner, and of course your wedding cake for desert…

  9. Men are so tricky to buy for! I think the speakers could work if you add in a personal gift like the one you can’t mention or a watch maybe??

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