Wedding Week Part 1

It’s Wedding Week here at casa FSL!  Our 1 year wedding anniversary is Saturday!  To celebrate, this week will be filled with all things weddings!  To kick things off, I’m going to (re-post) share our engagement story.

We agreed that we were going to buy a house before we got engaged.  We had put an offer in on a house (which the offer fell through eventually).  He was dragging his feet a bit with the house as if he didn’t want to buy it anymore.  It was exactly what we were looking for.  I was freeeeeaking out   just a little nervous because I thought he suddenly was having second thoughts about us living together (it turns out, he was saving for a ring, not a down payment).  I though he was second guessing our relationship, and inside I was frantically over-analyzing a little worried.

Thanksgiving day he and I ran a 5 mile race. That night, my mother, aunt, and I went “Midnight Madness” shopping until around 3:30AM.  The next day was Black Friday, and I was completely exhausted. We went to his sister’s house for a birthday party which lasted into the evening. He told me to wear something nice in case we met our friends out for a drink.  The birthday party lasted much longer than I had expected and I was beat.  I never do this, but I told him I didn’t want to meet our friends out, I was too tired. He insisted, and said they were already on their way to the restaurant/bar (which was a 30 minute drive for us).  I hate flaking out, so I agreed to go and have just one drink.

We were getting off of the exit, and he got a text message from our friend.  He said “You’ve got to be kidding!  You’re gonna kill me.  They are blowing us off” (a staged text from his friend that was in on the surprise) I was so mad!  He said not to worry, we’ll grab one drink at the first place we see off the exit, and then we’ll go home.  Well we might as well, we did drive all the way out here.

We pulled into the parking lot, and I realized it was the place we went on our first date!  I said “Hey! I thought this place closed down!”  He said he thought so too.  We walked in, he got us both a drink and we sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace way in the back (the same place we sat on our first date).

He’s usually very quiet, so when there was a dj there playing loud music, it didn’t bother me.  He said it was too loud, and we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other without yelling.  He asked the dj to lower the music and he requested “They way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra (I love Frank Sinatra)

So he sits back down, and as he’s talking, he was pushing the coffee table away from him.  He started to kneel down (I was NOT expecting this so I thought he was going to tie his shoe or something) and the next thing I knew, I looked down and he had a ring in his hand!!!  I sat there in complete disbelief for a few seconds. I was worried for days that he was questioning the future of our relationship, and moving in together, and there he was on his knee with a ring! I started crying and said yes!

We later met my sister and her boyfriend out to celebrate!

That photo was taken about an hour after I said yes.  I was cheezin so hard! Aint he cute?!  Sorry ladies, he’s taken.


Here are a few of our engagement pictures.  We took them at a local vineyard.

How did your fiance or husband pop the question?? If you aren’t married or engaged, how do you hope it will be?



25 responses to “Wedding Week Part 1

  1. Awww, I enjoyed reading your story again..and the other comments! Our 5 year anniversary was on Friday. I meant to blog about it. I was sick though and decided I wanted an anniversary re-do so maybe I’ll blog about it then. 😛

    So tell me, is looking like a model hard? I imagine it must be. 😉

  2. What a romantic way to propose! Beautiful story! Congratulations on your frist wedding anniversary! You both look gorgeous….like supermodels 🙂

  3. First off, Y’all are both so attractive. You will have GORGEOUS children someday. Your husband did a great job at surprising you. I am not engaged or married yet. I guess all I’m hoping for when the moment comes is he will think of the proposal all on his own and it will be a good mix of creativity & thoughtfulness. He is pretty romantic so I imagine he will do a perfect job at making it special and memorable.

  4. um, could your eyebrows be any more perfect!? gorgeous! what a romantic story 🙂

  5. Cute!!! I’d be cheezin too. You have such lovely engagement photos! I wish I’d made Kevin get those with me. He wasn’t so into the idea – typical boy. haha

  6. I love love love this story!!! so frickin cute and amazing of him to plan it like htat!

  7. OMG Mindy!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous (you and your hubby)! You guys make an absolutely beautiful couple! And the ring… gorgeous too! LOVE your story! I totally felt all weird right around the time Eric proposed too… maybe it’s a guy thing and they’re trying to throw us off the trail… LOL

  8. What a great story — you guys are such an attractive couple!

    My hubby took me to a bed and breakfast in Carmel by the Sea (Northern Cal overlooking the Pacific) and asked me there — it was magical!

  9. I can’t believe almost an entire year has gone by since the wedding. . . It’s a beautiful engagement story! Love you, Love Anthony

  10. Hoo boy. I love those stories. Makes me smile for sure.

    I love that you totally thought he was getting down to tie his shoe, hahaha. I want it to be a super surprise like that, for me too. Hey, give my boyfriend some hints wouldja? A 6 year wait is a long time!

    • Give me his email address 😉 I’ll talk some sense into the guy lol! Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect time. Guys know how much it means to us chicks. It’s a lot of pressure to get it just right.
      It would have felt more romantic in the moment if I caught on quicker! Darn shoe laces!

  11. You two are so amazingly beautiful together. I can’t wait for babies they are going to be lookers just like their parents!!!

    What a great story! It’s so funny you were questioning everything! I did the same thing, my finance had just purchased my ring and I said to him one day that I felt like we were becoming “roommates” instead of “a couple” and I didn’t want that to happen that we needed more date nights and less just hanging out. Little did I know he was orchestrating an entire beach weekend with friends to surprise me around the engagement!!!! In the end he scrapped the idea of the beach engagement – after the horrible storms and tornadoes here in Alabama after April 27th he started to take stock of all he has in his life and realized I could be gone tomorrow or he could and needed to nail down what was most important to him now, while we had time together. That following Saturday he took me out to the railroad bridge here in town – a local historical site that he took me to on my first visit to hang with him here in Alabama. As we walked down we chatted about the events etc. As we got to the end he said he had something for me he was going to wait to give me – I was so shocked and excited I actually ripped the ring out of his hand and slid it on my finger… LOL I hate that I ruined that part but I just was so thrilled. We discussed rings years ago, when we first moved in together [it’s been almost 7 years]… and I wanted a princess cut… he actually got me a round diamond and I never thought in a million years I’d like that.. turns out the ring I thought was right for me wasn’t, he picked the perfect ring and I love it!

    Keep your stories coming I can’t wait to read more!!! Congrats on your first year may you have many more !!!

  12. I love hearing engagement stories! My husband tricked me into going to the top floor of a building to look at the view from the sixtieth floor, there were flowers and pictures waiting for me. Then a violinist came out and Caleb, my husband, sat me down, got out his guitar and sang me a song he wrote, got down on his knee, and I said YES! We’ll have our 3rd anniversary in September. Time flies!!!
    I’ve been thinking about my ring lately because I lost it two weeks ago. I’ve seriously been heartbroken over this because A) I LOVE my ring, and B) it is NOT cheap to replace. The price of gold is SO MUCH MORE now, I was able to custom design it at the time. I could get it remade, but now it would cost A LOT more to replace. Cue lots of tears and guilt. Ultimately, a ring doesn’t define my marriage, but those rocks and metal were so special to me!

  13. Aw sooo sweet and you look great together, hello model posing, love it 🙂 Nice sparkle too! I’d like it to be a surprise although I’d be nervous that I wouldn’t like the ring lol – shallow who me?!!

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