Wedding Week Part 3

The big day!  I’ve shared posts & photos about our wedding day (here) and I’ve even posted about our fake wedding photos (here, lol!). But I’m going to dish the details in this one…

Here’s a timeline of the day…

I woke up, ate a light breakfast, the hit the gym for a shoulder workout (hello strapless!) the hopped into the shower.

My dress was really wrinkled and I dropped it off at the cleaners the day before to be pressed.  When I got back from the gym, the wrinkles never came out, so I did what any desperate bride-to-be would do.  I did something pretty ballsy.  I ironed my dress (inside out just in case) and it didn’t really work.  I took a deep breath and told myself “It is not the end of the world.  Relax.  One small thing will not ruin the day. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!

I grabbed my veil and jumped into my car and got my hair did 😉

I drove home and did my makeup myself.  My trial didn’t go so well, I looked more like this:

.Mmmm, yeah.  Not so bride-y.

So I stuck with what makeup I’d normally  wear, except I added false eyelashes to kick it up a notch and added a bit more bronzer because I tend to look washed out in photos.

I had my best girls to help me get into my dress!  It took a long time to get the corset just right!

I love the back of this dress!

And they helped me put my garters &  shoes on too…

Rocco had his own mini photo shoot! He was unbelievable that day.  He was following me around (like hopping at me) all day while I got ready!  I swear he didn’t take his eyes off of me.

We all got onto the party bus to the church!

My dad helped me off, and we headed in for the ceremony…

Then the ceremony took place.  A funny thing happened at the altar after we put the rings on each other.

The priest didn’t say “You may kiss the bride”.  He just kept on with the ceremony.  Of course Dum Dum (me) had to open her trap!  I loud whispered “Father!” and motioned for him to come over. I asked him ” When do we kiss?! You didn’t say kiss the bride”. He started laughing and said “Listen.  I’ve been doing this for 40 years, just trust me on this one” and he laughed his way back to the throne-like chair. Mr. FSL couldn’t believe I did that!

And my maid & matron of honor couldn’t either!

The big smooch!

We snapped some shots after the ceremony with our massive bridal party.


Since this post is already the longest, I’ll post the 2nd half of the day tomorrow!





19 responses to “Wedding Week Part 3

  1. OMG! I LOVE your dress… I LOVE your makeup… and I LOVE that you asked the priest when you get to kiss!!!! BEST EVER!!!

  2. Love this, sounds amazing and you look lovely! Hilarious that you stopped the ceremony, I’m glad you got your kiss 🙂

  3. So do you travel? Will you come do my make-up for my big day? 😉 You looked lovely and I love that you did your own make-up. I am fearful of my trial, but I’m hoping I end up loving it. I’m not very good at make-up. Thank you again for sharing – your dress, shoes everything is beautiful!!! Congrats on 1 year!!!

    P.S. Thank you for driving the message “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” home!!! ox

  4. I love you interrupting the ceremony!! Amazing.

    Nate’s pastor (that he has known since he was tiny) performed our ceremony….he said Nick instead of Nate during the ceremony. Pretty akward!

  5. Great story :] I’ve enjoyed reading about your wedding process. It makes me look forward to my own someday.

    Have a nice evening!!

  6. I thought I looked pretty fab on my wedding day but every time I look at your pictures I realize that I looked “average” at best 🙂

    You are one gorgeous lady and I love all of the anniversary posts!

    Congrats on your 1st anniversary!


  7. I’m loving this wedding week series. You did your own makeup? Wow…..great job Mindy! And that part about kissing the bride? I laughed and laughed and laughed…!

  8. Awww you looked amazing in those pictures. 🙂

    And truly, the moments where people just laugh, like you asking about the kiss, are the absolute best.

    I was just MOH at a wedding where the bride mouthed “Damnit” very clearly and right in front of the paster because she was tearing up. We were all giggling.

  9. You are so gorgeous! You look like a real life princess Jasmine, (I hope that doesn’t have any negative connotations for you!) I mean it as a huge compliment because she was my favorite Disney princess. I’m dying over your shoes! SO cute!

  10. Such gorgeous pics — the happiness just shines through!

  11. Beautiful day! Beautiful memories!

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