Wedding Week Part 4

Picking up from the “To Be Continued…”  The reception!  This was the most fun part of the whole event!  The party!  The ceremony was a bit more serious and very romantic, but it was nice to let our hair down after all of the planning, stress, and anticipation.

So much researching and decision making goes into this one day, and it all goes by so quickly  in a blur of camera flashes and kisses.  I am so thankful that our photographers (See their blog here!  They are truly amazing!!) got so many pictures of the details that I surely missed during all of the confusion and happy chaos.

Here’s where our guests “signed in”.  My husband and I are very fortunate to be able to say that both of our parents are still together.  We thought it would be a nice touch to have their wedding photos displayed.

To hold cards or gifts we used a birdcage that we decorated with some flowers & tulle.  The ornament is from Lisa Leonard Designs.

Instead of a guest book we did this…

And the stones sit in decorative bowls in our living room.  They are always a conversation piece.  I didn’t want a book that just collected dust, plus it’s more fun to write on a stone 😀

Instead of buying favors that everyone most likely will throw out, we opted to make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. and my mom really wanted matches because she’s a kook.

I thought it was a fun idea to have baloons with long ribbons all along the dance floor (it reminded me of the prom scene in the 80’s flick “She’s Out Of Control” which was a favorite by the way).

I found these in TJMaxx for like 2 bucks and printed our names on them.

We didn’t go for the traditional cake topper, or even the funny bride dragging the groom.  We got these monograms & I’m making some sort of wall art with them soon 😉

We cut our cake to the song ” I wanna grow old with you” from The Wedding Singer, fun &goofy, but still sweet. If you’ve never heard it…

I thought I’d surprise him with a fun groom’s cake.  Since he is an avid skier, the cake looked like a ski boot 🙂


The banquet hall just installed uplighting literally the day before our wedding and they were excited to try it out, so they threw it into our package for free! It really made the room feel festive and romantic. Plus there is a warm pink glow in all of the photos.


Here’s what each table looked like…

At 11:00 my grandparents kissed us goodbye for the night. I couldn’t believe how fast the day flew by!  We were so busy taking photos and thanking people for coming that I only had a couple of bites of food, and drank nothing but the toast. We only had 1 hour left to party.  So that’s exactly what we did.

When it came time for the bouquet & garter toss, Mr. FSL had a little trick up his sleeve (literally)!  Instead of pulling the garter, he pulled out a pair of huuuuge granny panties!  It was so funny! Did I mention he put them on his head??! LOL!

The rest of the night was filled with dancing & fun!

I think a great party is all about the fun details!  Thank you guys for stooping by to relive our wedding with us!  If you are planning your own wedding, I hope this little series helped to spark your imagination a little!  If you’ve already said “I do”, what details were your favorites at your wedding?

Love you guys



16 responses to “Wedding Week Part 4

  1. This wedding was … Again.. Another great time in our family!! Love you both!!!

  2. looks like a total blast! I LOVE all of the detail and that pink uplighting IS totally amazing!!!

  3. What an awesome reception! Love your photos!

  4. Mindy and Anthony love you both two beautiful people HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.AUNTIE TEE XOXO


  5. yes! please dont forget the video, too

  6. Az. Small Business Network


  7. Sometimes I wonder how fair it is for 2 people to be so gorgeous!!!! 😉

  8. Ok I love your colour scheme! The stone ball is a lovely idea, really creative and your cake is amazing! Your photos are great, the photographers did a brillant job. Yay!

  9. Loved looking back with you…great pictures!


  10. SO fun! The place looked amazing – great attention to detail!!! I loved the balloons on the dance floor and pinned them on pinterest! I also love that you did a grooms cake I am more excited about surprising my finance with that than our actual cake! And the cake cutting song – seriously did you read my mind? We were thinking of using that too!

    Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on your first year and thank you for sharing!!! oxox

  11. I love all of your special touches….the rocks, the donation to St. Jude’s…the granny panties. Very cool!

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