The New Light

So, it was clearly time to get rid of the ceiling fan with the granny flower my basket.  After lots of research, I fell in love with like 10 online options.  Unfortunately, I felt the need to see the thing in person before actually buying it. 

I woke up one day, and decided to see how a fancypants light ( it’s a technical term) would look in our kitchen.  So I drew this one and decided that it was just too fancy for us.



We were gearing up for a last minute birthday soiree the next day.


I finally drove to Lowes and bought a light.  I needed it now.

So down came the old one.


Boo yah! So long granny fan!

I really love this puppy from Restoration Hardware.



But the $750 price tag wasn’t music to my ears.

So I found it’s inexpensive ($150) cousin at Lowes and skipped all the way home!  Okay, we drove, but if I could have skipped, I would have 🙂 .


I am so happy with this choice.  It just feels perfect.  Plus, it beats the heck out of the hanging Nana basket.  I bought 2 small potted trees at Ikea for $15 each to put by the window.  I feel like it’s kind of Havana-ish now.  I love it!




Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Me likey.


12 responses to “The New Light

  1. Love the light! Good choice and great price!


  3. Min…love it!!!

  4. You have such great taste!!! I love how you are re-decorating your home! 🙂 Can’t to see the finished product. It will feel so good after years of dedication, won’t it?

    • Hey Michi!! Glad to hear from you 😀 When we moved in 11 months ago, I had no clue how long it would take to start getting the house to the way we wanted it. It’s definitely a process, but so worth it when it starts to come together.

  5. Mind…I just love what you and Anthony did in the dining room!!! love the new window and that light!!! I love Charlottes head band, she loves them, I know this, because???? She doesn’t freak out with something on her head!! Love you and keep sharing with us all you idea’s! xo T

  6. I love it! It looks awesome! Lowe’s has really stepped it up with their light fixtures, I find myself craning my neck every time I’m in there to check them all out.

    • I was very ANTI-LOWES and ANTI-HOME DEPOT because I didn’t want “contracter” style generic fixtures. I wanted something different. I almost fell on the ground when I saw this among a sea of frosted glass lampshaded candelabras!

  7. LOVE the new light!!! Angled ceiling problem resolved!

  8. Me likey too! I’m loving the whole look that’s transpired. Very nice!

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