Pinterest Can Teach You How To Dress (Part 1)

I know I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest.  I know.


No really I do.


The fashion pins have really been rocking my world lately though.  I used to consider myself reasonably well dressed.  I knew I didn’t have the wardrobe or cash of Blake Lively, so I knew I wasn’t stepping out of casa FSL in Christian Louboutains.  However, the way I put an outfit together was all wrong.  You don’t really need a ton of money to dress well.  You need to understand proportion and accessories.

Lately I’ve been pinning style boards.  They can be made on  But I’m lazy I guess. I’m inspired by what other people have been putting together.


Here are some of my recent faves…

These aren’t the only ways Pinterest can teach you how to dress.  Nope.  There are countless cute outfit pictures to pin and re-pin…then come up with your own version!

Follow my style inspiration pinboard by clicking  here.

What are some of your favorite style inspiration pictures?  Post the links in your comment!


8 responses to “Pinterest Can Teach You How To Dress (Part 1)

  1. I’m a hot mess….can you & pinterest save me??!?!?


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  3. Oh, Pinterest. It is actually kind of teaching me to dress. I’m good at looking at a picture and finding things in my closet. Of course, it’s making me want to buy clothes too, darn it. Thank goodness for Target!

  4. I love these, it’s great to have some style inspiration. I also heart Kim K!

  5. while I super love clothes, I never thought I’d be such a pinterest fashion whore! I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at all of the outfits and totally feel like they’ve inspired me to look at my closet differently! Keep pinning awesome outfits so I can steal them from you! 😉

  6. i’m not very into fashion (simply because i can’t afford home decor AND fashion, lol, so i have to pick and choose my fave). but pinterest is AMAZING. there is no other word to describe it. i’m addicted so badly.

    • I haven’t been clothes shopping in a while. I’m repurposing things that I already have. Today, I layered a grey “last year’s style” cardigan over an old striped button down that I never wear,and wrapped a belt around it. I paired it with cuffed jeans, moccasin flats, a stack of bangles, and a chunky necklace. I’m looking at my old pieces that I never wear and using them differently. I looooove pinterest!!!

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