The Night I Met Anthony Bourdain


It’s no secret that Anthony Bourdain is my personal hero.  The guy has the best gig going.  He’s paid to travel all over the world, eat and sight see like the locals do, bypassing the tourist traps and cutting straight to the good stuff.  He’s the host of No Reservations.

Oh yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy too.  He’s not just a man who gets paid to have this amazing job.  He’s paid his dues.  He was a chef in NYC for years, he’s written books that made the Best Seller lists, he hangs with celebrities like Christpher Walken and Bill Murray, he’s not afraid to speak his mind, drop the occasional F*bomb, and unapologetically drinks on camera. He’s hit rock bottom and came back with a vengeance (who doesn’t love an underdog?!).  So yeah, like I said, he’s pretty darn cool.

I have seen him on his tour last year.  Click here to hear all about how rocking that was.   The link will send you to my review of his show and how Bourdain is breaking boundaries between the elitist foodie crowd and local street vendors as to what constitutes great food.  More specifically, how food brings people together, surpassing the language barrier and social status.

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A month ago, my mom surprised me with tickets to his latest tour.  The day of the show, she called me with news that she bought the wrong tickets.  My heart sank!  I’ve been looking forward to the show.  She told me she accidentally bought VIP tickets and we would be sitting in the 5th row & get to attend the “Meet & Greet” book signing after party.    I immediately freak out when I hear the news!

The next day came, and I scooped my mom up from work early so we can make our 5:30 reservations at a local restaurant.

That’s my mom digging into her apple crisp dessert.  I had the chocolate pate.

It tasted better than it looked!

We went to the pre-show wine tasting.  Man!  This guy knows how to throw a party!  We tried a fresh prosecco and a dry merlot.  Really nice.

We made our way all the way down to our seats.  I am clearly very excited about our up close and personal seats!

The theater was beautiful.  Here’s a shot of the elaborate ceiling.

The show was great. Bourdain had some really crazy video clips he shared with the audience about the not-so-glamorous side of his job.  Food poisoning, a certain bone-crushing Turkish massage, and atomic wedgies!  The Zero Point Zero video and cinematography crew (super talented people)  get basically the same experience as he does.  Lucky dogs!

He keeps the discussion down to earth.  He develops a relationship with the audience, as a good speaker naturally does.

When the show was over, I hopped in line with my hardcover copy of Medium Raw in hand.

I snapped a photo of my mom with him.  She looks buff!

As she posed for the photo, my heart was pounding out of my chest!  He looked so cool sipping his beer.

He signed my book 😉

I had made a mental list of things I wanted to ask and say to him if I ever got the chance to meet him.


Okay, here I go!

*cricket sounds*


I walk up to his table and go completely blank.  Doh! Worst case scenario 😦  I told him about my list and how I forgot it all.  He laughed and we smiled for this picture that will be framed in my kitchen (for good luck!).

At least I didn’t blink 🙂


16 responses to “The Night I Met Anthony Bourdain

  1. IM SO JEALOUS!!!! blah ugh so envious right now i hate it! haha omg that is my dream! meeting Tony omg! you look amazing in your picture with him btw, you’re so lucky 🙂

  2. Wow what a blessing to get to attend the show and then get to meet him! How awesome! The picture turned out great and I would be hanging it on the wall also!!

  3. Mindy!!! We did have a GREAT unforgettable night! We will definitely do it again if we get the opportunity! love you…

  4. OMG I love how he signed your book!

    Also random question-what kind of mascara do you use? I’m always in awe of your lashes.

  5. oh my god, your mom is gorgeous and she’s totally awesome for getting you some rockin’ tickets! YAY for momma-daughter time! And that’s super cute that you forgot your list! That would SOOOO happen to me!

    PS- I think I might have found my official bloggy bff when it comes to the amount of passion you have for food! I mean, I know you love to cook, but NOW I know you love to eat too! 🙂

    • Yeah, my mom totally came through. We definitely are bloggy buds! Um, our Pinterest style boards are basically the same, lol! I pin, you repin. You pin, I repin. HAHAHH! I’m very passionate about food. In an Italian family, it’s not just food, it’s culture. I think that’s why Bourdain’s argument really hits home with me. He sees food as a common ground among all people. Everyone needs to eat, so why not put a little soul into what you’re making. Food tastes better when it’s prepared with passion.

  6. How awesome!! Sounds like such a fun night.

    Your blazer is adorable!

  7. SO JEALOUSSSSS!!! [And happy for you!] I love Anthony! This looks like an amazing evening for sure. And might I say, your mom is lovely! You ladies are just dolls! 🙂 ox

  8. He is coming to Detroit in February and I already got my tickets to see him!

  9. That’s so cool, I’m such a Bourdain fan! I met Bobby Flay last year and had no idea what to say to him either.

    BTW- you and your mom are such bombshells. Are you wearing fake eyelashes? Your eyes look amazing!

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