Chopping Down Our Christmas Tree In Pictures & A Few Words

Sunday, Mr. FSL & I joined our family in a yearly tradition.  Choosing and chopping down our Christmas trees together. This year we went to a tree farm/vineyard.

No time for a full blown wine tasting.  We checked out the shop, ate a trail mix cookie, had some cocoa and hot cider, then off to find our trees.

Looking for the best one.  Mr. FSL loves his tape measure as much as I do! LOL!  This one is too small.


Bella had strep throat, but wouldn’t miss this for anything.  What a trooper!

Taya is camera shy 😉


My lumberjack!

Christmastime in Connecticut is the coziest!

What are your Christmas traditions?  Do you put up a real tree or fake tree?


10 responses to “Chopping Down Our Christmas Tree In Pictures & A Few Words

  1. Great photos! We’re artifical fans only because we’re cheap..and don’t like the mess. I do miss going to pick out the tree each year though!!

  2. What a great tradition!!! I have always wanted to do that but feared it would end up like the squirrel moment in Christmas vacation!!! 🙂 Those little girls are dolls! Looks like SO much fun!

  3. Looks like a great time! artificial tree….and i love it!

  4. Yay Xmas! mine is all up – we have a fake one!

  5. Awe that looks awesome! We most certainly find a real one. Though we don’t chop it down ourselves sadly.

  6. Awesome pictures Mindy! My family has the tree farm, chop your own tree tradition too. Picking the tree is always a challenge because everyone in my family is pretty opinionated lol. My Dad came up with a voting system…the parents, my sisters and I each get 2 votes, the husbands only get 1 each…like I said, we’re a spirited bunch 🙂 -Paula

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