I apologize about the lack of posts and posts without photos in the past week. I am having major technical difficulties.  WordPress isn’t saving any of my writing or photos.  When I hit the publish button, it is publishing blank posts.  Please bear with me as I try to fix this issue.   If anyone knows how to fix this, I’ll be your best friend!  😦





3 responses to “WORDPRESS ISSUES

  1. LOL, Thank you and you are welcome.

    Smile and have a GREAT weekend!


  2. Hey Ms. Mindy, it is not just you, I have been having this problem for a few weeks now, my solution to the problem is to set up the post as an auto post, so schedule it to post tomorrow, at whatever time, go in and write up a part of your post and save, then add pictures, and save, then add any finishing touches and save, then go back and change the date and time to now so that it will post now. This is the only way I have found to get it to work lately.

    Hugs and good luck Leila

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