Abs Diet Chilli

Winter is here.  I’m loving the idea of coming home from work and eating a nice hearty bowl of chilli.  Nothing warms the body like chilli.

I know there are tons of great chilli recipes out there, but this one is FSL kitchen approved for a few reasons.

1) It tastes good.  Okay, it tastes fantastic!

2) It’s filling.  Like, really really filling.

3) It’s super healthy for you!

4) It’s easy.

I got it from here:

I know what you’re thinking.








Chilli usually = bloat for most people and they wish they had this instead:

*sigh* I can explain why I own that.  My grandfather knows that I appreciate crude humor.  He took it a step too far by ordering this and giving it to me as an early Christmas gift.  Did you think my craziness came out of nowhere?!  Nah.  It’s clearly hereditary.  I digress….

Here’s the recipe followed my mess step-by-step, highly professional, iPhone pics 😉 .

I omitted the flax because I didn’t have it. I used 1.3 pounds of ground turkey  because that’s how much was in that package and I refuse to waste it.

Boil water for your fancy boil-in-a-bag rice.  Cook the rice while you make the chilli.  It should be done at the same time.

Here goes.

I browned the turkey in a large skillet.  I used the “Mix & Chop” from The Pampered Chef.  It’s an awesome gadget for exactly this task.  Perfect for taco night too.


Add in your Mexican tomatoes!  Ole!

Black beans rinsed and drained.  I never rinsed them until I got this other gadget from Pampered Chef.  It allows you to rinse and drain beans, chick peas, whatev.


Dump in the corn, chilli mix, & water.  Stir it up like Bob Marley.

Add in any extra spices you might want to jazz it up (cumin, chilli powder, garlic, etc…).

Cook for about 10 minutes over low heat.

Pull out your rice bags 🙂

Serve the chilli over the rice.


Do you use cookbooks?  Follow the recipe to a tee?  Do you free-style like me?  Tell me all about it…


5 responses to “Abs Diet Chilli

  1. I’m a mix and chop fan as well!! Love your grandpa’s sense of humor! 🙂

  2. this looks absolutely scrumptious! Eric and I are trying to be soooo good and eat healthy (and light) and exercise like crazy until our honeymoon… it’s soooo hard! I want pizza hardcore! BUT, this chili looks amazing! If we had some rainy weather, I’d be down to make some for sure!

    PS- do you own pampered chef stuff? I totally don’t but I keep hearing that I need some!

  3. love chili in the winter!!

  4. this looks so good Mindy! i love chili and all the different kinds you make. Free style is best!

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