My Favorite Gifts 2011

I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but I scored some pretty sweet stuff this year!

Here are my top 10 gifts that I found under my tree!

10: Diamond cross bracelet because sparkles always fit.

9: Ugg moccasins. They look & feel like slippers, but have a rubber sole like “real shoes”.  Plus, they don’t get funky if you don’t wear socks. I haven’t taken them off!!!  I swear, I even accidentally wore them to the gym!

8: This hoodie from PINK by Victoria’s Secret.  Fab cozies are a must.

7:  New ski pants


6: Eye cream and serum from Arbonne.  Smells fantastic, costs too much for me to  splurge on, makes my skin look & feel like a million bucks.

via A Case Of Beauty

5:  A lift ticket for Mount Killington

4: Milk Bar Cookbook!!  Be prepared for those fatkid posts!  (the creator of the Compost Cookie recipe wrote the book!)

3: Black-out curtain liners.  Weird gift? Yes. Not waking up at whatever time the sun does, wonderful.

2: A Kindle!!  I’m super excited about this one because I’ll be doing a ton of traveling in 2012, so this was a perfect gift for those long plane rides and my over-stuffed carry-on bag.


1: Slick new Rossignol bindings that match my skis that I got for my birthday!!

Rocco’s stocking was stuffed to the max!  He ripped his stuffed toys to shreds within 3 seconds of my giving them to him! But, he loved all of his treats and toys.

What were your favorite gifts?

9 responses to “My Favorite Gifts 2011

  1. ooh i got a kindle too, and all i want to do is read now! it’s amazingly convenient!! and I am loving those Ugg slippers! so cute for in the home, and outside in the spring 😉

  2. Nice gifts, I need to look into those Uggs!

    And I almost didn’t recognize Rocco, he looks like a gentleman with his hair cut short like that lol

  3. My new puppy Hurley (see post about him)!! He’s is so sweet!! I also loved getting VS gift card from my love & a handmade quilt from my grandparents. 🙂 I had an awesome time visiting with all of my family.

  4. Such great gifts!!! I’m so jealous of the lift tickets!!! *Fingers crossed we make it to Denver in 2012 for Christmas as planned* My favorite gift was a Waxing Poetic necklace and 2 charms from my hubby the small charm is a K for Kelly and the big charm is an H for my new last name since this is our first Christmas as a married couple!

  5. UGG mocs are the greatest thing ever. I wear mine a little too excessively. HA. My favorite gift was my iphone I think. Now I can continuously walk and stalk. 🙂

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