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My husband and I just purchased our first house (Oh Yeah!)  We are learning as we go, so there are lots of projects going on to transform this place we now call home.  This is the spot where you can see all of the trials & errors in our quest to make our house a home. Check back often, these pictures are always being updated…

The front room before we moved in



Our Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

This was our master bedroom before we bought the house.

Our bedroom from another angle

dark office before

Spare bedroom alternate view. Let there be light!

Our bathroom before

Teeny tiny vanity, scary mustardy songe painted wall before.


Downstairs before

Downstairs from another view before


Downstairs bath before

Downstairs bath before




Master Bath Before

No more yellow here!

Dress the nest

So, yeah, decorating is fun.  It can be pretty overwhelming to tackle an entire house from scratch, though.   This is where you can see all of my impulse buys  great finds!  I will be attempting to create a cohesive palette of color, textures, and hopefully a little style in our little love shack.

A place for everything


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My mother used to call me “Pig Pen” because I was a disorganized hot mess from day one.  Since I am now the “woman of the house” I needed to make some serious changes — fast!  Here’s how I’m doin it.

47 responses to “House Tour

  1. are those crystal lamps in your bedroom?! i’m desperate for crystal lamps in our room!

  2. you before and afters are fantastic! i truly lol’d at some of the bathroom ‘befores’. you did an amazing job.

  3. love your renovations! You guy’s did a such a beautiful job! I bet your home is as neat as could be! Hmmmmm, Wonder why! Just beautiful, love it all! xoxo Tree

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  5. Hi! Visiting from Decor and the Dog. You’ve done some amazing things to your home. So inspiring!

  6. Rach @ This Italian Family

    LOVE it! You guys have done wonders!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to “meet” you!! Will be looking out for you on the tour.

    BTW, love that Eat drink and merry sign!

  8. you have very nice taste.

  9. Wow! Looks great!! Thanks for linking up to my dining room link-up party!

  10. hmmmm,nice!I love the before and after looks,am a huge fun of Interior Decor myself.

  11. So much better! Looking good! I have been living in my house for about a year and a half. My dad and step-brother built it and I am taking forever to decide on decorating… my mind changes constantly… and I have to keep reminding myself, nothing is REALLY permanent. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  12. Mormon Soprano

    Wow! You’ve done a LOT of work. You also have a fantastic sense of style and color. I’m hopeless at this. My house looks a lot like your “before” – except try adding 1970’s wallpaper to every room. [not me. it came like that and I’ve been “planning” big changes for 6 years…] I guess the good news is that I have potential to show off some really great “After” photos someday. You’re little blog is inspiring me. Do you remember the brand and color paint you used for your downstairs family room & bathrooms? I really like those. thanks – MoSop

  13. Your blog is awesome… I sub to learn how to ‘improve’ my own house. I hope you don’t mind ^_^

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  15. love the bathroom transition…and the place one next to the stairs..beautiful!

  16. Good job mindy! Your house is beautiful.

  17. Sure love what you did to your house, especially the bathroom. I’m buying a house myself, and I will put photos of its dressing-up progress on my website. Gee, I got many ideas from you! 🙂

  18. LOL! I think you are a sister from another mister! One, My bf and I are house searching right now and are nervous/excited for a huge project like this of our own one day. AND I AM A PIG PEN since day one as well! lol you are pretty funny! I dig your blog girly! And you are Gawwgous doll!

  19. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing the link with us!

    s (& j)

  20. hahaha i have always been a hot mess too!!

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  22. I love all your dark wood! Beautiful changes!!

  23. You have great taste Mindy!

  24. Amazing transformations! Everything is so much brighter and beautiful! Love your house ❤

  25. beautiful job on everything! WOW!

  26. You’ve made some beautiful changes!

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