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So, yeah, decorating is fun. It can be pretty overwhelming to tackle an entire house from scratch, though. This is where you can see all of my impulse buys great finds! I will be attempting to create a cohesive palette of color and textures in our little love shack.

Eye Candy Friday: Hello Yellow!

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Just Because I Hate Returning Things

Just because I hate returning things to stores, I am trying to make this new comforter work.  Out of sheer laziness, here is my new attempt for our bed. 

What do you guys think now?

Should I just return it and get it over with? I actually kind of like it like this. Do you mind returning stuff or are you like me?

Self Host Self Help? Not So Much.

If you follow me on twitter, you know what I’m about to say.  If you don’t follow me on twitter, you should.  Click here 😉 .

In a fluttering, impulsive, (so very typically me) fashion, I decided (in a split second) to purchase my own blog domain and make the jump to a self- hosted website.

In the next week or so, I’ll be posting the link up to the new address.  I’m really excited to have more control over the blog’s layout, have access to more interesting bells & whistles, and other cool stuff.  I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

I am very excited but I am struggling quite a bit, actually. If any readers know anything about using and want to help a sistah out, I would reeeeally appreciate it. Please e-mail me at

Speaking of changing things up, I dyed my brown hair black (thanks Tiffany for your input!), *iPhone pic, sorry guys*.


I cashed in a few gift cards at Home Goods and picked up a new comforter for our bed.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I love the pattern, I love my headboard.  I don’t know if they mesh well.

Rocco was digging it.

Thoughts on the new blog venture, hair color, bedding, Rocco’s mustache?

Please help this indecisive girl out!

A Little Eye Candy

I used to post a series that consisted of a motivational quote every Friday (it was called  “Friday’s Food For Thought”).   I wanted this blog to be a positive and motivating experience for myself as well as anyone else that stumbled upon it.
Somehow that series phased itself out because not following through is a major weakness of mine.  As a blogger, I liked having a little bit of structure to my game plan.  At the end of the week, I wasn’t wracking my brain in an attempt to come up with something fun, new and exciting.  It was a definite post that I could depend on, as well as the FSL readers.  A blog goal of mine was to start either a linky party once a week (which is kind of in the works) or a weekday theme of some sort.
Also, this blog use to be very home decor heavy (which I love!).  We haven’t been doing too many exciting things in that area lately, but just because we haven’t done any amazing improvements, doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of awesome inspiration out there.  My head is overloaded with ideas for future projects -thanks in part to Pinterest and house-y blogs!
Here’s a little line up of some good stuff floating around in cyberspace that has caught my eye…
{IMG from}
{IMG from }
{IMG from}
{IMG from}
{IMG from}

{IMG from}
I’m not promising this series will be a permanent fixture on FSL, but we’ll take it week-by-week and see how it goes.
I’d love to hear some reader input from you guys.  Is this something you’d look forward to seeing here weekly, once in a while, or never ever again.  I trust your opinion 🙂  Thanks for stopping by!

2011 Holiday House Tour Continued

I figured I’d show you all around our house in all it’s tacky shimmering glory lol!  Here’s what the rest of Casa FSL is looking like these days…

Super Christmas-fied!

I added just a few touches to the kitchen…

The kids got at it before I snapped the picture, but you guys get the point right?  It was a snow globe attempt gone awry!  It looks more like a snow egg… whatev.

Silver reindeer and a rhinestone tree (what else did you expect?!) sittin on top of Simon.

Some snowmen soaps and a couple of silver and glitter votives sit by my sink to keep me happy while I wash the dishes.

Here’s our entryway area looking festive and a bit rustic. Please excuse the weird lighting.  I don’t know what’s up with it.

And a close up on a few little moments…

The gold glitter doesn’t stop there.  It’s in our bathroom also 🙂

And what bathroom is complete without feathers?!

Somebody stop me.  Really.

Our mancave downstairs already had the turquoise thing goin on, so I added some peacock feathers and disco balls to add some holiday jazzy-ness.

Merry Christmas to all of the Finding Silver Linings readers out there!  I hope you are all on the “Nice List” this year!!


Mindy & Mr. FSL

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I’m going to be honest. I should have posted this on like Thanksgiving. It has looked like Christmas here at Casa FSL for about a month! I couldn’t wait for it this year. Last year we were only living in our home for 2 months and didn’t have tons of decorations. This year, it looks like my house threw up Christmas. Glittery, flashy, silver, white, gold, even disco balls and peacock feathers! Since the halls are decked (and the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the yard…) I figured I’d do a little house tour to let you guys house crash at our place.

We moved all of the furniture out of the front room (formerly the dining room) and our tree lives in there, along with gifts, Rocco’s food & water dish, and two gold reindeer that Rocco goes nose to nose with and growls at is learning to live with.

Put on your shades people, brace yourself for the glitter 😀 .

Here’s our “mantle”. Also known as the weird ledge over our front doorway.

Here’s our other “mantle” also known as the giant Ikea buffet table that weighs a zillion pounds and is not moving until Mindy gets the fireplace that she really wants pigs fly.


Do you pick a “theme” color for your Christmas decorations? Do you pile it on? Do you keep it minimal?

Stay tuned for more Christmastime at FSL tomorrow!!

$30 Bathroom Revamp

Our main bathroom was the first “finished” room in our house.  It was fully decorated a week or so after we moved in.  Here’s what it looked like:

The shimmery taupe shower curtain is nice, but I’m over it.  The blank wall above le toilette, lame.  Gold accents, buh bye.

I have been feeling smokier cool weather colors with the changing of the season.  Charcoal greys and navy blues, maybe a hint of shimmery cream here and there.

I saw this photo:

I found this Botticelli image while on’s color palette generator (click here to play on the website for hours try it out really quickly 😉  ).  It’s a great tool when looking for decorating ideas.  A unique color palette to match is generated for each picture.

Here’s what it looks like:

Sweet.  I found this shower curtain ($25) at good old Tar-Jay, along with a charcoal grey hand towel ($5) , and added my new D-I-Y’ed wreath above the toilet (free!).

The color isn’t seeming to com though as true to life.  It’s a bit more blue in real life.

Not bad for thirty smackers!  Ahhh, out with the old right?!

The New Light

So, it was clearly time to get rid of the ceiling fan with the granny flower my basket.  After lots of research, I fell in love with like 10 online options.  Unfortunately, I felt the need to see the thing in person before actually buying it. 

I woke up one day, and decided to see how a fancypants light ( it’s a technical term) would look in our kitchen.  So I drew this one and decided that it was just too fancy for us.



We were gearing up for a last minute birthday soiree the next day.


I finally drove to Lowes and bought a light.  I needed it now.

So down came the old one.


Boo yah! So long granny fan!

I really love this puppy from Restoration Hardware.



But the $750 price tag wasn’t music to my ears.

So I found it’s inexpensive ($150) cousin at Lowes and skipped all the way home!  Okay, we drove, but if I could have skipped, I would have 🙂 .


I am so happy with this choice.  It just feels perfect.  Plus, it beats the heck out of the hanging Nana basket.  I bought 2 small potted trees at Ikea for $15 each to put by the window.  I feel like it’s kind of Havana-ish now.  I love it!




Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Me likey.

It’s Finally Time!!

In case you just started following along, we did not build our house.  This meant changing a lot when we moved in.  Changing things about your home = mucho $$$.  So we quickly learned that it will take time to make the changes we’d like to make.

So far, we have replaced all of the flooring with shiny new hard wood (there was only ply wood under the carpeting) and all of the linoleum in the bathrooms with ceramic tile.  Fresh paint on all of the walls, we knocked down a wall, removed our deck’s giant aluminum overhang, got rid of the horrible A.C. unit in the center of our windowless wall, then made that wall much more interesting by adding the  new window.  We definitely made progress in the 10 months we have been living here.  We conquered much of the “big stuff”.  There is always room for improvement, and the “smaller stuff” we’d like to change is still there. I want to replace all of the doorknobs, the vanity in 2 bathrooms, and the lighting fixtures.

This is what our eat in dining area looked like in march:


Compared to now:

Vast improvement, but the light fixtures. Oh the light fixtures.  Numero uno on our replacement list is the quadruple spotlight ceiling fan complete with dangling  grandma flower basket ornament.

I’ve been playing this little game in my head with this light.  I will not replace a single lightbulb in this ugly thing.  When all of the bulbs blow out, we are getting a new light.  Well, my friends, the day has come.  The last bulb is flickering!!  I’ve been researching online and pinning every light I like to my Pinterest board like crazy!  The only one my husband and I agreed on was this one from West Elm:

I was all set to order it and realized that it can’t be installed to a vaulted ceiling.  UGH!!!

Now we are back at square one.  Any suggestions?  Please include a link to a photo of a fantastic light that isn’t a billion dollars.  Pleaseandthankyou 😀

New Window, New Curtains

I really didn’t want to put any curtains up on the new window.  I like the blissfully bare look on that particular one.  But last weekend, we realized that it might be nice to have the option to have a little privacy if we want it.

When I usually hang curtains, I hang them 6″ to 8″ above the trim and 8″ to 12″ wider than the trim to give the illusion of a larger window.   This one was different to me.  Since there is a transom (a smaller row of windows on the top) I wanted to highlight that since it’s a little snazzier than a plain old window.

I decided that a tension rod placed right below the transom would be a good place for it.  Sheers would allow for privacy and still let a ton of light in.  I spent a few hours (seriously) in the window treatment sections of Target, Bed Bath And Beyond, and a few other stores.  None of the tension rods were long enough for my window.  So, I improvised.  I bought a shower curtain tension rod. As for the curtains, I realized that I had a specific vision in my mind and I wasn’t going to find it in a store.  I was going to have to make these babies.

I was going to attempt to sew my own curtains.  This may not sound like a huge deal to most of you Martha Stewarts out there, but up until now, the most I’ve sewn was a few flower headbands and brooches!   But, I thought, how hard could it be?  Curtains are rectangles.  I could do this.

I drove to Joanne Fabrics and searched for the perfect lightweight, cheerful, white fabric.  I found it, then discovered that there was exactly enough left on the bolt for the curtains.  This may sound like a wonderful thing to most people, but to me it meant that there was ZERO room for error.  I wanted to buy a few yards extra, should I mess it up royally.  But, me being me, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

The first thing I did was figure out the dimensions I needed each curtain to be.  I added about 4 1/2 inches extra to the length for a small bottom hem and the pocket to put the rod through.  I added an inch to the width to allow for a small 1/2″ hem so it looked nice & clean.  Then I cut it that size.

Next, I measured 1/2″,  folded, and pinned the fabric vertically.

Then, I measured 3 1/2 inches from the top of the curtain and folded it to the back.  I pinned it, and sewed a straight line.

The last part to do was the bottom hem. In order to make it look more polished, I folded the fabric to the back 1/2″ then folded over again another 1/2″.  Pin then sew.  Easy peasy.

Slide these puppies onto the tension rod, put it in place, step back, &  feel like Martha Flippin Stewart while you realize you actually just sewed your own curtains 😉

Here’s what they look like when we don’t want the neighbors to see me eating my morning oatmeal in my ripped nightshirt & undies…

I didn’t like the way they looked when they were just hanging & open, so I concocted tie backs from silvery grey ribbons and push pins.

I pushed the pins into the corners so that way I wouldn’t put more holes in our walls.  I billowed the curtains out so they covered my ghetto tie back holders.

I know I’m far from a sewing pro, but I’m happy with the way they turned out.  I didn’t follow any directions, I just kinda winged it and got lucky.  I got over my fear of attempting a big(ish) sewing project…big as in big for me 😀

As of today, me likey.  Once my A.D.D. kicks in, I’m sure I’ll be switching things up.


What’s the most ambitious thing you’ve ever sewn?  Are you a sew-a-phobe?  Let’s talk it out.