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My Favorite Gifts 2011

I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but I scored some pretty sweet stuff this year!

Here are my top 10 gifts that I found under my tree!

10: Diamond cross bracelet because sparkles always fit.

9: Ugg moccasins. They look & feel like slippers, but have a rubber sole like “real shoes”.  Plus, they don’t get funky if you don’t wear socks. I haven’t taken them off!!!  I swear, I even accidentally wore them to the gym!

8: This hoodie from PINK by Victoria’s Secret.  Fab cozies are a must.

7:  New ski pants

via Altrec.com

6: Eye cream and serum from Arbonne.  Smells fantastic, costs too much for me to  splurge on, makes my skin look & feel like a million bucks.

via A Case Of Beauty

5:  A lift ticket for Mount Killington

4: Milk Bar Cookbook!!  Be prepared for those fatkid posts!  (the creator of the Compost Cookie recipe wrote the book!)

3: Black-out curtain liners.  Weird gift? Yes. Not waking up at whatever time the sun does, wonderful.

2: A Kindle!!  I’m super excited about this one because I’ll be doing a ton of traveling in 2012, so this was a perfect gift for those long plane rides and my over-stuffed carry-on bag.

via Amazon.com

1: Slick new Rossignol bindings that match my skis that I got for my birthday!!

Rocco’s stocking was stuffed to the max!  He ripped his stuffed toys to shreds within 3 seconds of my giving them to him! But, he loved all of his treats and toys.

What were your favorite gifts?

10 Things I Wish I Knew Years Ago

10. It’s way cooler to be unique than to conform to everyone else. March to the beat of your own drum with no apologies, you will be happier in the end if you are true to yourself.

9. You are responsible for your own success or failure.

8. It’s okay to say no to people.

7. It’s a waste of time being angry with other people’s choices, you can’t control what they do.

6. Never judge a book by its cover. Get to know somebody before you make your mind up about them.

5. Be persistent.  Tenacity almost always prevails.

4. Admit when you are wrong.  It’s a sign of wisdom. Don’t hold grudges against people you love.  Apologize for any hurt feelings, kiss & make up. 

3.  Live as honestly and honorably as you can.  As you get older, you will be thankful!

2. Take pleasures in small everyday routines & turn them into “rituals” (see my morning ritual here).

1. Don’t take tomorrow for granted, you are never guaranteed, and neither is anyone else.   Appreciate what you have, today. Worrying about tomorrow is wasted energy.


Is there any advice you wish you could tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

10 Things That Give Me Spring Fever

I am sick on a beautiful sunny day.  I only wish for rain when I feel like this.  But all this sunshine has got me thinking.

Here are 10 things that give me Spring Fever!

1. Floral sculpted nesting bowls from spoonsisters.com would look gorgeous as a centerpiece and with 4 bowls, they are so functional.  Who needs storage when you can keep these on display?  The $33 price tag doesn’t hurt either 🙂

2. The Zanzi wedge by Christian Siriano for Payless.  Yes. Payless.  This guy is a shoe genius and for around $50, these bad boys have my name written all over them!


3.  Pretty pink doily placemats from Urban Outfitters are vinyl which means easy clean up.  Leave it to UO to make a doily look modern and chic.  Oh yeah, did I mention each one is only 3 bucks?

4.  A yellow trench coat for those April showers.  Talk about brightening up a dreary day!  How cute is this?!?! Seriously!

5. Bright green wheatgrass all around the home.  Nothing says(or smells like) spring like beautiful pops of green grass.  This is going on my to-do list. 

6. A floral sundress that’s toughened up by a denim jacket.  Rachel Bilson rocks this outfit.  Floral prints scream spring. The jean jacket keeps the dress looking casual, plus it’s still too cool outside for bare shoulders. I’d wear this wearing some spiky leather booties :).

7.  A cheerful sheer scarf is a must for spring.  You can wear it around your neck, wrapped around your wrist,  wear it as a belt, or tie it to your purse.  These never go out of style.  These are from JC Pennys for $18, but you can find them anywhere.

8. Blush makes me feel feminine, and this is the season where everything looks a little more girly. A little bit of bronzer along my forehead and temples make me look alive and not so pasty. Nars is known for their blush.  I have this duo the colors are orgasm (their universally flattering best-seller) and laguna.

9. Essie nail polish in Limo-scene is my go-to color.  It is a sheer barely pinkish white.  It always makes my hands looking well-kept and clean. I’m right-handed, so when I make a mess of my right hand (and I’m painting with my left), the damage is minimal 🙂  This color looks great on toes too!

10.  J Crew applique tees are the sophisticated big sister of the fitted tee.  These shirts can do no wrong. They are always feminine, always fit right, and have something special about them.

Skipping two to keep going

In order to keep going with the blog challenge because I am stubborn don’t like to give up on things, I am skipping question 9 because it’s pretty much the same as question 2 (which I answered here). I am also skipping question 10 because I don’t smooch & tell.

On to the next one.

Question 11: Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Brace yourself. This is going to be random. I use my ipod for the gym only, so these are my workout tunes.

Okay, here we go.

Song #1…..Flava In Your Ear Remix by Notorious BIG, Craig Mack, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes(this happens to be my husband's favorite)

Song #2…..Too Late by Evermore. It's one of my all time favorite dance songs (from my good ol "going to the club every weekend" days

Song #3…..I won’t be Ignored by Linkin Park. A great cardio interval song!

Song #4…..Decode by Paramore. I love everything this band puts out.

Song #5……Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley. Bass heavy, reggae by one of the best.

Song #6….. Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM. This song gets me pumped.

Song #7 …..I get money by Drake. This song samples the melody from Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner. DaDaDuhDa DaDaDuhDa

Song #8…..World Hold On by Bob Sinclair. Great dance beat, great message. Loves it!

Song #9…..Digital Girl Remix by Jamie Foxx featuring Drake, Kanye West & The-Dream. I love this beat, plus Drake and Kanye can do no wrong (musically of course).

Song #10…..Unstoppable by Drake featuring Lil Wayne and Santogold. Not mainstream music, but this one is a great cardio interval song also.

10 Things I want to decorate my house with

Yes, I have a gift wish list. But I have a whole other wish list for holiday decorations!!! There are so many beautiful things out there to make a house more festive. Here’s my top 10 for 2010’s holiday season:

This paper wreath from West Elm. I know I’m probably going to be lashed for this, but I don’t particularly like wreaths. They somehow remind me of old ladies. This one manages to feel light, airy and modern. Loves it!

I am loving this vintage beaded glass garland from Restoration Hardware.

The branch table from Tar-Jay is so ski-lodge chic! Not to mention my obsession with raw unfinished looking wooden things! At $63 bucks, it’s even sweeter. I’d leave it out all year round.

OMG! How frikkin cute would the glittery peacocks look sitting in my turquoise and silver tree?!?! I might pick them up from Pier1 Imports for under $6 after work today!

These old school skis from Pottery Barn would be great above my buffet in my dining room! My husband would love these.

These candle holders from ZGallerie are rustic but kept modern because they’re white.

These fuzzy snowballs from CB2 would look so cute and wintry in a glass hurricane, not to mention added texture.

This $13 hanging star from WorldMarket.com would look great hanging in a window or in a doorway between 2 pieces of mistletoe **smooch**

Yankee Candle makes some wonderful scented candles, but that this time of year, there’s only one smell that puts me in the holiday spirit! Balsam Fir is pure Christmas tree!

A few of these stainless martini glasses from Amazon.com set out on a shimmery gold serving tray just screams holiday party!!!

Speaking of holiday parties, I am hearing Lady GaGa’s holiday CD as I type. OMG! This is the craziest Christmas music I’ve ever heard! She’s loca is the best way possible.

Any home decor items that are on your must have list?

10 Things

10 Things I love about Autumn

1. Being lucky enough to live in New England, and getting to see the foliage change

2. Apple Pie!
3. Pumpkin spice coffee
4. It’s finally soup season
5. Watching a movie under a soft blanket
6. Getting free home decor from Mother Nature like this and this
7. UGGS!

8. Hoodies
9. Football (GO NY GIANTS!!!)
10. The smell of fireplaces when I walk outside

What are you loving about this cozy season?

Feeling Lucky

I was scopin out my girl Nancy’s new blog (which you can check out here), and she was listing things that she was grateful for. It got me thinking…

10 Things I’m Thankful for
1) My husband (the cream of the crop)
2) My family (ya can’t choose yor relatives, but I’d pick them if I could!)
3) My friends (secret keepers, shoulders to cry on, partners in crime!)
4) My dog Rocco!! (The perfect man)
5) Music (Everyone’s life has a soundtrack. Music brings back the most memories!)
6) Food!
7) My health
8 ) Travel (I want to see the world. New sights=variety=the spice of life!!!)
9) Today
10) The possibilities of tomorrow.

I’m only happy when it rains

Shirley Manson from the band Garbage had the right attitude!  It’s pouring  today, and every now and then, I like me some rain.

10 things that make me smile when it’s wet outside


Tokidoki x chooka leopard rain boots!!!

2) Umbrellas

3) Snuggling up on the couch

4) Sipping chamomile tea

5) Anything by Norah Jones

6) This scene from The Notebook


7) Any kind of soup

8 ) Bucket hats

9) Reading old Oxygen or Elle Decor magazines

10) The possibility of a rainbow

What do you love or hate about the rain?  I wanna know!