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The New Light

So, it was clearly time to get rid of the ceiling fan with the granny flower my basket.  After lots of research, I fell in love with like 10 online options.  Unfortunately, I felt the need to see the thing in person before actually buying it. 

I woke up one day, and decided to see how a fancypants light ( it’s a technical term) would look in our kitchen.  So I drew this one and decided that it was just too fancy for us.



We were gearing up for a last minute birthday soiree the next day.


I finally drove to Lowes and bought a light.  I needed it now.

So down came the old one.


Boo yah! So long granny fan!

I really love this puppy from Restoration Hardware.



But the $750 price tag wasn’t music to my ears.

So I found it’s inexpensive ($150) cousin at Lowes and skipped all the way home!  Okay, we drove, but if I could have skipped, I would have 🙂 .


I am so happy with this choice.  It just feels perfect.  Plus, it beats the heck out of the hanging Nana basket.  I bought 2 small potted trees at Ikea for $15 each to put by the window.  I feel like it’s kind of Havana-ish now.  I love it!




Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Me likey.

It’s Finally Time!!

In case you just started following along, we did not build our house.  This meant changing a lot when we moved in.  Changing things about your home = mucho $$$.  So we quickly learned that it will take time to make the changes we’d like to make.

So far, we have replaced all of the flooring with shiny new hard wood (there was only ply wood under the carpeting) and all of the linoleum in the bathrooms with ceramic tile.  Fresh paint on all of the walls, we knocked down a wall, removed our deck’s giant aluminum overhang, got rid of the horrible A.C. unit in the center of our windowless wall, then made that wall much more interesting by adding the  new window.  We definitely made progress in the 10 months we have been living here.  We conquered much of the “big stuff”.  There is always room for improvement, and the “smaller stuff” we’d like to change is still there. I want to replace all of the doorknobs, the vanity in 2 bathrooms, and the lighting fixtures.

This is what our eat in dining area looked like in march:


Compared to now:

Vast improvement, but the light fixtures. Oh the light fixtures.  Numero uno on our replacement list is the quadruple spotlight ceiling fan complete with dangling  grandma flower basket ornament.

I’ve been playing this little game in my head with this light.  I will not replace a single lightbulb in this ugly thing.  When all of the bulbs blow out, we are getting a new light.  Well, my friends, the day has come.  The last bulb is flickering!!  I’ve been researching online and pinning every light I like to my Pinterest board like crazy!  The only one my husband and I agreed on was this one from West Elm:

I was all set to order it and realized that it can’t be installed to a vaulted ceiling.  UGH!!!

Now we are back at square one.  Any suggestions?  Please include a link to a photo of a fantastic light that isn’t a billion dollars.  Pleaseandthankyou 😀