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FSL Boutique Giveaway On Design Build Love!!

Good morning lovely readers!! If you follow FSL on twitter you already know that 2 brand new, hot off the press FSL Boutique Sasha Headbands are up for grabs on Design Build Love’s giveaway this week!  If you don’t follow this blog (@FSLblog) on twitter, click here.

Winner receives both Sasha headbands shown in the photos.  One for you and one for a friend perhaps? Prizes come gift wrapped separately. Entry submissions must be from the USA.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Here’s the product description:

The Sasha Headband will add that extra something special to a pulled back ponytail or bun. The turquoise thin peacock feathers shimmer and the small silver rimmed jewel adds a touch of sparkle. It also comes in lime green and black cheetah print feathers. The feathers sit flat against the headband. It is backed in black felt to sit comfortably and securely against the hair. This item would look gorgeous with jeans or even a cocktail dress! Either would be the perfect bridesmaid gift. The Sasha is truly a unique piece and is a nod to the 1920’s flapper style. These headbands can be customized on a hard headband or a soft, stretchy headband.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Yes, I made myself one, lol!

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

If you’re liking what you’re seeing, head on over to Ashley’s blog by clicking here to enter.

Here are some new holiday pieces I just whipped up.  They are all posted on Finding Silver Linings Boutique.

Set of 2 Red & Gold Or Gold on Gold  Bella Hair Clips

Christmas & Winter Themed Tu Tu Hair Accessories

Green & Red Flower Headband

Scarlet and Silver Chloe Headband

Yay for stocking stuffers!!

Readers may enjoy 15% off their entire purchase by entering coupon code “DBLOVE” at checkout!

Head on over to Design Build Love and say hola to Ashley!  Her blog is D-I-Y amazingness! Good luck to all that enter the giveaway!

My First Craft Show

My aunt makes gorgeous jewelry and was going to be a vendor at the local Fall Festival. Along with a few other women, she was going in on renting a space for their tent.  She asked me to join in, but I didn’t have enough items for all 3 days.  I agreed to do an afternoon and just bring what I had (which wasn’t much) and set up a small table.

At the last minute, the other ladies backed out leaving my aunt stuck paying for the whole thing, so I went all in.  I locked myself in my craft room (which I started calling “The Lab”) for a week and a half and made a lot more headbands, brooches, pins, etc.  I studied a few boards on Pinterest and researched a bit on how to set up a craft fair booth.  I even made a D-I-Y cake stand for part of my display (keep your eyes peeled for that tutorial soon!).

The night before, I set up a mock table in  my dining room so I could save time the next day.

I had to figure out how to display lots and lots of headbands using minimal table space and without crushing them.  Not easy.  I could have gone to Michael’s Craft Store and spent a fortune on cookie cutter, boring display pieces, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune or have a display that looked like anyone else’s.  So I did what I do best.  I looked around my house for things I could use creatively. I used my plain cylinder vases by putting hard headbands into them. I liked the way they fanned out around the vase.  I also placed a decorative branch in each vase and clipped hair pins and clips onto the branches.

I put the stretchy headbands on various Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn themed books…

I made price tags, wrote down my inventory, snapped some pics of the general set up so I can remember what I did, got $100 in change, gathered my bags & business cards and put the items into labeled ziplock bags. 

Since the fair was 3 days long, all vendors had to set up and take down their booths each day.  So, I packed everything into my huge suitcase (and a big tupperware bin) so I could wheel the heavy stuff to and from my car.

I didn’t have time or cash to buy a new tablecloth, so I used our old silver velvet duvet cover, lol!  We had to supply our own lights as well, so I stole the snazzy ones off of our night stands. 

I used one of our snack trays as my “check out stand”.  I used our silver sparkly umbrella stand to showcase the feather headbands and accessories. 

From the vases and books that I decorate with, to our bedroom decor, our  house was left looking like the Grinch came & stole everything for 3 days!


 I was ready to go! 

The funny thing is, most people stopped to inquire about the lamps! 

This set up was a bit busy, so as the day went by, I condensed and moved things around. 

I went from the butterfly bobby pins , rosebud pins, & ladybug pins on a paper plate (sorry about the blurry pic) to using my metal containers that used to house my herb garden and mousse cups that a co-worker gave me.

Here are a few of my best seller items, in case you were curious.

Chloe baby headbands

Elizabeth hair clips & baby bands

And here are some happy customers! 


Liz baby band

Rose bud bobby pinDanity ClipTu-Tu Ballerina baby band

Bella stretchy headbandHot Pink Jolee baby band

If you  or someone you know would like to look as adorable as these ladies above, click here to be sent to Finding Silver Linings Boutique 😉  You can customize ANY piece you see into a clip, a brooch, a bobby pin, a baby headband, a stretchy headband, hard headband, shoe clip, purse pin, etc.  It will be hand-made by moi.  Just do it 😀

*End of shameless advertisement paragraph*


Did you ever have a booth at a fair?  What kind?  Would you ever do it again?  Let’s chat.

Wedding Week Part 4

Picking up from the “To Be Continued…”  The reception!  This was the most fun part of the whole event!  The party!  The ceremony was a bit more serious and very romantic, but it was nice to let our hair down after all of the planning, stress, and anticipation.

So much researching and decision making goes into this one day, and it all goes by so quickly  in a blur of camera flashes and kisses.  I am so thankful that our photographers (See their blog here!  They are truly amazing!!) got so many pictures of the details that I surely missed during all of the confusion and happy chaos.

Here’s where our guests “signed in”.  My husband and I are very fortunate to be able to say that both of our parents are still together.  We thought it would be a nice touch to have their wedding photos displayed.

To hold cards or gifts we used a birdcage that we decorated with some flowers & tulle.  The ornament is from Lisa Leonard Designs.

Instead of a guest book we did this…

And the stones sit in decorative bowls in our living room.  They are always a conversation piece.  I didn’t want a book that just collected dust, plus it’s more fun to write on a stone 😀

Instead of buying favors that everyone most likely will throw out, we opted to make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. and my mom really wanted matches because she’s a kook.

I thought it was a fun idea to have baloons with long ribbons all along the dance floor (it reminded me of the prom scene in the 80’s flick “She’s Out Of Control” which was a favorite by the way).

I found these in TJMaxx for like 2 bucks and printed our names on them.

We didn’t go for the traditional cake topper, or even the funny bride dragging the groom.  We got these monograms & I’m making some sort of wall art with them soon 😉

We cut our cake to the song ” I wanna grow old with you” from The Wedding Singer, fun &goofy, but still sweet. If you’ve never heard it…

I thought I’d surprise him with a fun groom’s cake.  Since he is an avid skier, the cake looked like a ski boot 🙂


The banquet hall just installed uplighting literally the day before our wedding and they were excited to try it out, so they threw it into our package for free! It really made the room feel festive and romantic. Plus there is a warm pink glow in all of the photos.


Here’s what each table looked like…

At 11:00 my grandparents kissed us goodbye for the night. I couldn’t believe how fast the day flew by!  We were so busy taking photos and thanking people for coming that I only had a couple of bites of food, and drank nothing but the toast. We only had 1 hour left to party.  So that’s exactly what we did.

When it came time for the bouquet & garter toss, Mr. FSL had a little trick up his sleeve (literally)!  Instead of pulling the garter, he pulled out a pair of huuuuge granny panties!  It was so funny! Did I mention he put them on his head??! LOL!

The rest of the night was filled with dancing & fun!

I think a great party is all about the fun details!  Thank you guys for stooping by to relive our wedding with us!  If you are planning your own wedding, I hope this little series helped to spark your imagination a little!  If you’ve already said “I do”, what details were your favorites at your wedding?

Love you guys



Wedding Week Part 3

The big day!  I’ve shared posts & photos about our wedding day (here) and I’ve even posted about our fake wedding photos (here, lol!). But I’m going to dish the details in this one…

Here’s a timeline of the day…

I woke up, ate a light breakfast, the hit the gym for a shoulder workout (hello strapless!) the hopped into the shower.

My dress was really wrinkled and I dropped it off at the cleaners the day before to be pressed.  When I got back from the gym, the wrinkles never came out, so I did what any desperate bride-to-be would do.  I did something pretty ballsy.  I ironed my dress (inside out just in case) and it didn’t really work.  I took a deep breath and told myself “It is not the end of the world.  Relax.  One small thing will not ruin the day. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!

I grabbed my veil and jumped into my car and got my hair did 😉

I drove home and did my makeup myself.  My trial didn’t go so well, I looked more like this:

.Mmmm, yeah.  Not so bride-y.

So I stuck with what makeup I’d normally  wear, except I added false eyelashes to kick it up a notch and added a bit more bronzer because I tend to look washed out in photos.

I had my best girls to help me get into my dress!  It took a long time to get the corset just right!

I love the back of this dress!

And they helped me put my garters &  shoes on too…

Rocco had his own mini photo shoot! He was unbelievable that day.  He was following me around (like hopping at me) all day while I got ready!  I swear he didn’t take his eyes off of me.

We all got onto the party bus to the church!

My dad helped me off, and we headed in for the ceremony…

Then the ceremony took place.  A funny thing happened at the altar after we put the rings on each other.

The priest didn’t say “You may kiss the bride”.  He just kept on with the ceremony.  Of course Dum Dum (me) had to open her trap!  I loud whispered “Father!” and motioned for him to come over. I asked him ” When do we kiss?! You didn’t say kiss the bride”. He started laughing and said “Listen.  I’ve been doing this for 40 years, just trust me on this one” and he laughed his way back to the throne-like chair. Mr. FSL couldn’t believe I did that!

And my maid & matron of honor couldn’t either!

The big smooch!

We snapped some shots after the ceremony with our massive bridal party.


Since this post is already the longest, I’ll post the 2nd half of the day tomorrow!




Give Away Time!

To celebrate the grand opening of the Finding Silver Linings Boutique, I’m giving away a custom designed brooch to the winner.  Choose from a variety of fabric textures, colors, style, backing color and center material (rhinestone, pearl, etc).

"Josanna" Brooch

""Stephanie" Brooch

How to enter:

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4. Leave a comment telling me what kind of piece you’d like to win from the new FSL Boutique (colors, textures, etc)!

Don’t forget, FSL Readers get 10% off by using coupon code “WELCOME10” at checkout!!

Good Luck!!

*Giveaway closes at 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 17,2011.  The winner will be announced on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 6:00 AM  so look out for your name!

Open For Business!!!

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately (little to no comments on my end), I’ve been super busy working on my little project.  As the post title hints at (very obviously of course), the Finding Silver Linings Boutique is officially open on Etsy.com!  I’ve purchased some beautiful materials (silk, Swarovski crystals, etc) and practically locked myself in my craft room for a week.

So far it is mostly hair accessories and brooches, but I have so many other ideas that are about to take off very soon!  Each piece was designed with a specific person in mind and named after them.  I tried to capture their essence through texture and color (which of course blabbermouth I explain in every item description).  I made doubles of everything, so each muse gets their signature piece 😉 and one goes up on the site for sale. I ship all over the world, so no worries there.

Here’s my God daughter Karina (“KiKi”) rocking her new clips!

All of the pieces are hand-made by yours truly 😀 and are all easily customizable.

I hope you take a moment to check it out by clicking here.  All of my lovely blog readers get 10% off by using the coupon code “WELCOME10” at check out 😉 .

If you have a blog or website of your own, and would like to host a Finding Silver Linings Boutique giveaway (and score some sweet free swag for yourself), please email me at FindingSilverLinings@gmail.com! Also, if you refer a friend that makes a purchase, please tell them to mention your name & email so I can hook you up with a proper thank you 😉

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement!!  I love you guys.



Flower Headbands!

I told you guys that I can’t stop making these fabric flowers!  I made a 3 flower headband (while laying in the sun – hence the bathing suit photo 😀 ) the other day.

Please excuse the post-suntan oil slick on my face, lol!  I was so excited, that I didn’t care, I just snapped the picture!

I also made a few more flower brooches out of a soft t-shirt material.  These two are for my sister-in-law.

So I’ve been thinking lately.   I might launch a Finding Silver Linings Boutique on Etsy for all of my new creations.  What do you guys think?  Be honest, I value your opinions…

Good Will Lamp Re-Do

I’ve been looking for a set of lamps with a cool shape to put on my buffet console in my dining room.  Problem is they are a billion dollars for anything that I like.  Seriously?  I’m not paying $200 for lamps.  Period.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I found myself in the houseware section of Good Will looking for my next victim project.   These puppies were $6.99 a pop.


I love the burlap texture of the lamp shades. Lucky for me it was student discount Tuesday!  I scooped up both of them for $10 total.  That’s my kind of price tag people.  I’m not a total cheapskate; I just feel like a sucker paying top dollar for something that I can make for a fraction of the cost.

These things obviously needed an update, so I hit them with a little spray paint primer first.

I followed that with 2 very thin coats of spray paint in “Heirloom White”.

These sat in our garage for weeks.  They didn’t look finished.  Hmmm…

*taps foot impatiently*

Until yesterday 😀

For those of you that follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, you can by clicking the cute little bird in my side bar —-> ) then you already know that I am completely out of control with these fabric flowers.  Like the past three days, that’s all I’ve been doing.  Cray-Zay.

I whipped up 8 fabric beauties, and pulled out the hot glue. (Rocco was chasing the fabric snippings that were blowing in the wind!)

I popped on the flowers one by one…

I arranged the rest of them on the shade.

2 Large and in charge lamps that match my dining room for ten beans.  Sweet.

How To Turn An Old Candle Jar Into A Cute Vase

Our office My craft room needed some life in it (stay tuned for the craft room details…).  Flowers.  I wanted to buy a vase at Ikea the other night.  I saw a few that I liked, but I promised myself not to buy anything I could make.  I put the vases back.

There are a few oddities I’ve inherited from my mom.  Categorizing chocolate as its own food group, embarrassing forgetfulness, and accumulating a mass of candles.   Hmmm.  I did say they were odd things.   Anyway, allow me to cut to the chase…

I have a box of empty candle jars in my garage (my husband is convinced I am a hoarder).  I keep telling him that one day I will find a use for these empty glass jars.  Well my friends, today I found use #1  for an empty candle jar.

I rounded up my favorite supplies.  In case you haven’t noticed, that would be spray paint.

Step #1

Peel the label off of the front of the jar & toss the lid into the recycling bin.

Step #2

Set the jar on a tarp or plastic that you don’t mind if paint gets on it. (Lesson learned from this incident don’t put it on the grass) I placed it upside down so I could cover the entire outside.  The paint is opaque and you will not be able to see in.

Step #3

Evenly spray a thin coat of “Frosted Glass” spray paint all over the exterior of the jar.  This will give the glass a bit of a rougher texture which will act as a primer, allowing the color spray paint to adhere better. This stuff has me intrigued, I will be using it again for another project, it’s so cool!

Step #4

When the frosted glass paint is dry, spray on 2 thin coats of a colored spray paint.  I chose this spring green color.

Step #5

Pop in your flowers & try to convince your husband you are not a hoarder because your crazy ideas are also money-saving & useful ideas 😛

Good Thing We Packed Our Sea Legs!

Good thing we packed our sea legs, because it was one choppy, sloppy, wet wedding weekend! 

Here’s the Cliff Notes version…

Way too late the night before, I decided that it was time to pack. Here’s me on the bathroom floor trying to gather toiletries.

We woke up at 6 AM which was about six hours from the time this photo was taken.  I thought I’d be a zombie all morning, but for some odd reason, when I have to get up for work it’s really hard to get out of bed.  When I have to wake up to catch a Ferry to Block Island for an awesome time, I spring out of bed chipper as can be.  Weird how that works huh?

We hit traffic on the way to the ferry, and had to run (literally) with our bags to catch it.  Thankfully we made it or we would have been late to the wedding. 

We checked in to our hotel (that I forgot to take a photo of, but here’s one from their website…).

I didn’t spend much time scouring the island and snapping shots because it was raining the entire time we were there!  I felt so bad for the bride. She had always wanted a beach wedding, and here we are in the pouring rain.  Like the blog title says, we definitely had to find the silver lining on these clouds. 

I packed the green dress and the peach dress in case I changed my mind.  I asked the bride & her sisters when we were all hanging out at their beach house and sipping mimosas (my fave!).  The thought the green was too dressy.  So, I took the bride’s advice and went with the peach.

Mr FSL & I ran in the pouring rain, with my heels in my hand (I wore flip-flops to run in 😛 ).  Good thing I wore my hair in a ponytail, or it would have looked like this:

and not in a good way.

Here’s me with wet hair stuck to my forehead.

The wedding had to happen inside.  If you’ve ever been to Block Island, it was at Ballards. Here are a few pics of the inside…

And outside…


After the food, the drinks took over for most people. 

Here’s my photo reel of the night’s events a la The Hangover Movie (they go from good to crazy as the night went on:

The maid of honor was my partner in crime all night… 

Me & my bff April (the bride’s sister) realizing that we just cut the friggin cake.  Uh, not okay, lol!  Luckily, the bride thinks we are hilarious.  Phew!

All better!

The next morning was not pretty.  Still rainy. 

 We went into a few vintage shops. 


Saw some nice stuff…

I fell in love with this rug, but the mark up on the island is crazy, so I went home with a hangover and some Laffy Taffys from the candy shop.



What did you guys do this weekend? 

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done at a wedding?! Please make me feel better…