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Did You Get Another Gift Card You’ll Never Use?

Let’s be real here.  Have you ever gotten a gift card that you know you will never use?  Are you a vegan and somehow ended up with a gift card to Omaha Steaks?  Do you think cleats are something for the kitchen and received a gift card to The Sports Authority? Did you get a gift card to Babies R Us and you don’t even have kids?!  I have discovered the best website for you!

Instead of letting your generous friend’s cash go to waste by letting the gift card sit at the bottom of your purse with old pennies and linty gum,  get on your laptop and check out cardpool.com (I totally sound like I’m selling this! LOL!) I saw it in a magazine and it is awesome. I promise I am not being paid to say this stuff.  Although, if they want to pay me, that would be cool too 🙂

You can trade your lame gift cards for an Amazon gift card of equal or lesser value or up to 92% cash back. You can also buy gift cards at a discounted price (up to 35% off ) !!

Do you re-gift the lame cards you get?  Did you already know about this website?

FSL Boutique Giveaway On Design Build Love!!

Good morning lovely readers!! If you follow FSL on twitter you already know that 2 brand new, hot off the press FSL Boutique Sasha Headbands are up for grabs on Design Build Love’s giveaway this week!  If you don’t follow this blog (@FSLblog) on twitter, click here.

Winner receives both Sasha headbands shown in the photos.  One for you and one for a friend perhaps? Prizes come gift wrapped separately. Entry submissions must be from the USA.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Here’s the product description:

The Sasha Headband will add that extra something special to a pulled back ponytail or bun. The turquoise thin peacock feathers shimmer and the small silver rimmed jewel adds a touch of sparkle. It also comes in lime green and black cheetah print feathers. The feathers sit flat against the headband. It is backed in black felt to sit comfortably and securely against the hair. This item would look gorgeous with jeans or even a cocktail dress! Either would be the perfect bridesmaid gift. The Sasha is truly a unique piece and is a nod to the 1920’s flapper style. These headbands can be customized on a hard headband or a soft, stretchy headband.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Yes, I made myself one, lol!

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

If you’re liking what you’re seeing, head on over to Ashley’s blog by clicking here to enter.

Here are some new holiday pieces I just whipped up.  They are all posted on Finding Silver Linings Boutique.

Set of 2 Red & Gold Or Gold on Gold  Bella Hair Clips

Christmas & Winter Themed Tu Tu Hair Accessories

Green & Red Flower Headband

Scarlet and Silver Chloe Headband

Yay for stocking stuffers!!

Readers may enjoy 15% off their entire purchase by entering coupon code “DBLOVE” at checkout!

Head on over to Design Build Love and say hola to Ashley!  Her blog is D-I-Y amazingness! Good luck to all that enter the giveaway!

On A Magazine Rack Near You

The December 2011 issue of Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine.  Grab a copy, crack it open to page 57 to see …(wait for it)…my mug and an FSL dinner recipe!  WOOT WOOT! Yes, that’s the same shot from my bathroom photo shoot that you saw here.

Clearly you can see how thrilled and excited Rocco is about all of this!

A huge thanks to Oxygen Magazine for helping me cross #90 off of my bucket list!

*** If you want to pick up the December
issue and live in the southern Connecticut area, my apologies. My mom bought every single copy within driving distance.***

Blogiversary Giveaway!

In celebration of this blog’s first birthday, it seemed fitting to host a giveaway from the Finding Silver Linings Boutique.  Without this blog, and its encouraging readers there would be no Etsy venture for me.

One entry for each of the following:

* Follow FSLblog on Pinterest (click here to go to the page)

* Follow FSLblog on Twitter (click here to go to the page)

* Tweet about this giveaway @FSLblog

* Leave a comment telling which item(s) you’d like to win from Finding Silver Linings Boutique (click here to see the shop), or describe what you’d like for a custom order 😉

* 3 extra entries if you’d like to host a Finding Silver Linings Boutique giveaway on your own blog (email me for the details on this one) !!!

FSL readers receive 15% off  by using coupon code FALL2011 at checkout 🙂

Entries must be received by 11/5/11 at 12 noon.  Winner will be announced next week. Good luck!



Is My iPhone A Cool New Gadget Or My New Addiction?

This past Friday afternoon was not like every other Friday afternoon. It was the day I got my dirty little paws on my first iPhone.

I was always that girl that didn’t really care about having the newest coolest tech gadget. In fact, I prided myself in having a phone to use it for what it was meant to do…make phone calls. I got so bad about this, I actually refused to pay for a cell phone. Verizon’s “new every two” was the thing for me. Every two years I got a new (and free) cell phone. These phones always had buttons. I thought that was the best part.

Here’s what old faithful looked like.

It wasn’t a bad little phone.  It served it’s purpose, plus had a slide out keyboard to accommodate my texting habit.

This phone has been dropped more times than I can even recall. The shell of it actually falls apart when I’ve dropped it over the past few months. Over the past weeks, it’s been shutting off if I try to send a picture message. It was time for a new phone. I had to bite the bullet. Thursday night I went on the Apple site and reserved my iPhone.

I picked it up along with a sweet new turquoise Speck Candyshell case and an anti-glare screen protector.

Oooh La La!


Siri is my new BFF. She is my personal assistant on my phone. I push the little button and ask her to remind me to email so and so when I get to work. As soon as I pull into the parking lot… “Mindy, don’t forget to email so and so” .

Unbelievable. How did I ever get by without this thing?!

Since Friday, I have become significantly more Tweetastic. I am obsessed with Instagram, the Pinterest app (obviously), words with friends, and the google translator. Did I mention that I’ve had this phone for 72 hours and I think my thumbs are going to snap off?!

Oh yea, I typed this entire post on it using the free WordPress app 😉


Do you have an iPhone?  Do you have an android phone? Are you completely obsessed like me?  Is this addiction curable?  HELP!

Morning Money Saver

I consider myself a morning person. I’m cheerful about 30 minutes after I get up 😉  .  I can eat “breakfast foods” for breakfast lunch and dinner and be completely content with it.  

One of the best parts of my morning is coffee.  Every day I have one cup.  I savor it.  For my wedding shower, I got a Keurig coffeemaker.  I love it!  A perfectly proportioned, piping hot cup of coffee with the touch of a button. The only thing I didn’t like about it is how much the K-Cups cost.  At $12 per box of 18 K-Cups (each K-Cup gives you 1 cup of coffee), it wasn’t exactly a bargain.  I know it’s less thank buying a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, but c’mon!  That’s a lot of cash over time. 

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago and purchase this bad boy.

What is this contraption you ask?  It’s a mini coffee filter in the shape of a K-Cup.  Yes mom, I know you’ve been using one of these things for years, but I just bought one recently.  You were right.

  I picked up a bag of ground delicious beans and spooned it into this “Solo Cup”, popped it into the coffeemaker, and poof!  Perfection in my thermos 🙂

**Mini Recipe**

I used to do this with my regular coffee pot…

1 scoop of coffee grounds

about 3/4 teaspoon of cocoa powder (bakers cocoa)

Put them into the filter & make your coffee as usual.

It’s like 1/2 hot chocolate, 1/2 coffee A.K.A. the bomb.com


What small invention makes your day just a little sweeter (or cheaper)?

Every Day I’m Hustlin’

Okay, I’m not hustlin Rick Ross style, but if you follow me on Twitter, you know what I mean!  My latest tweet barrage has been new merchandise listed in the Finding Silver Linings Boutique.  

My aunt makes beautiful beaded jewelry and is getting a booth at the local craft festival.  She invited me to pull up a table and maybe sell a few things.  I agreed and realized that I didn’t have that many things to sell (then panicked)!  


I locked myself in The Lab AKA my craft room.  I emerged with tons of new things!  I barely scratched the surface with what I posted on Etsy, but here’s a little sample…

The Clara Headband

Karina Rings



Tu-Tu Clips

Mila Headband


Taya Butterfly Headbands


I’m really excited about the new stuff!  I started making feather earrings yesterday and I’m liking those too 🙂 . Don’t forget, FSL reader get 10% off EVERYTHING!  Use coupon code “WELCOME10” at checkout. 


 I’m going through a ton of preparations for this craft far.  I want my table to be really pretty and reflect what I like.  I made some fun displays, so look for those posts this week!

The New Light

So, it was clearly time to get rid of the ceiling fan with the granny flower my basket.  After lots of research, I fell in love with like 10 online options.  Unfortunately, I felt the need to see the thing in person before actually buying it. 

I woke up one day, and decided to see how a fancypants light ( it’s a technical term) would look in our kitchen.  So I drew this one and decided that it was just too fancy for us.



We were gearing up for a last minute birthday soiree the next day.


I finally drove to Lowes and bought a light.  I needed it now.

So down came the old one.


Boo yah! So long granny fan!

I really love this puppy from Restoration Hardware.



But the $750 price tag wasn’t music to my ears.

So I found it’s inexpensive ($150) cousin at Lowes and skipped all the way home!  Okay, we drove, but if I could have skipped, I would have 🙂 .


I am so happy with this choice.  It just feels perfect.  Plus, it beats the heck out of the hanging Nana basket.  I bought 2 small potted trees at Ikea for $15 each to put by the window.  I feel like it’s kind of Havana-ish now.  I love it!




Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Me likey.

It’s Finally Time!!

In case you just started following along, we did not build our house.  This meant changing a lot when we moved in.  Changing things about your home = mucho $$$.  So we quickly learned that it will take time to make the changes we’d like to make.

So far, we have replaced all of the flooring with shiny new hard wood (there was only ply wood under the carpeting) and all of the linoleum in the bathrooms with ceramic tile.  Fresh paint on all of the walls, we knocked down a wall, removed our deck’s giant aluminum overhang, got rid of the horrible A.C. unit in the center of our windowless wall, then made that wall much more interesting by adding the  new window.  We definitely made progress in the 10 months we have been living here.  We conquered much of the “big stuff”.  There is always room for improvement, and the “smaller stuff” we’d like to change is still there. I want to replace all of the doorknobs, the vanity in 2 bathrooms, and the lighting fixtures.

This is what our eat in dining area looked like in march:


Compared to now:

Vast improvement, but the light fixtures. Oh the light fixtures.  Numero uno on our replacement list is the quadruple spotlight ceiling fan complete with dangling  grandma flower basket ornament.

I’ve been playing this little game in my head with this light.  I will not replace a single lightbulb in this ugly thing.  When all of the bulbs blow out, we are getting a new light.  Well, my friends, the day has come.  The last bulb is flickering!!  I’ve been researching online and pinning every light I like to my Pinterest board like crazy!  The only one my husband and I agreed on was this one from West Elm:

I was all set to order it and realized that it can’t be installed to a vaulted ceiling.  UGH!!!

Now we are back at square one.  Any suggestions?  Please include a link to a photo of a fantastic light that isn’t a billion dollars.  Pleaseandthankyou 😀

A Second Chance…Again!!

Back in March, I was on a mission to bring this moodboard to life in my house.

It is so important for me to have some kind of direction, so I need to create these moodboards or I have severe shopper’s ADD.

If you remember, I let that Restoration Hardware mirror slip right through my fingers and was so bummed.  A month ago, I found it (again!) at TJMaxx. Hear that saga here.  I was so happy that my little vision was coming to life…

There were a few pieces still to add, but it was on its way. I still really wanted that lamp. I literally got into a fight over it in Home Goods.  I lost.  I was sad 😦  . So sad, in fact that I whined about it here.

Well, today I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and ended up in the “Back to College” area and saw this!!!

This shiny little light was happily smiling back at me with a $19.99 price tag.

He finally lives in his rightful place.

Up next, the apothecary jars,  pink tray & silver vase mission!  If I don’t find ones that I like, stay tuned for those D-I-Ys.