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Looking Back…What A Rockin’ Year!

Today is my last day of school!!! Actually, it’s a half day ūüôā¬† I am uber psyched!¬†¬†Every time I reach the end of something, I reflect.¬† I reflect to see what I’ve learned, what I could do better next time, and¬†how I’ve grown as a person from the experience.

As I look back,  it was a great year for me.  I have so much to be thankful for.

Here’s my last year in review…

June 2010: I had my bridal shower, bachelorette party, and found out our offer was accepted on our first house! Click here & here to see what our house looked like before we bought it.

July 2010: I went from Mindy Mac to Mindy P!  I married my best friend July 30th. See pics of that here. We paid a honeymoon visit to Negril, Jamaica.

August 2010: I turned 28, moved into my in law’s house and gained 8 pounds because my mother-in-law is an amazing cook!!¬† Click here¬†for her crockpot chicken & potatoes recipe.

September 2010:  We finally closed on our house!!!

October 2011:¬† We moved in!!! Mr.FSL turned 32.¬† His vineyard birthday party¬†is where we snapped this picture…

November 2010: November 1st was the inaugural post (about jalapeno infused tequila no less, lol! See my first post here).  I got my wisdom teeth pulled. We hosted our first family holiday at casa FSL!  I made my first Thanksgiving turkey!! (Hear about that mess new experience here)

December 2010: Our first married Christmas in our new home!¬† Instead of a housewarming party, we had a “Bad Christmas Sweater Party” and made a shot-ski!¬†¬†Hear all about that crazy time here.

January 2011: The snowiest winter¬†on record for CT!¬†Actually, there was so much snow, our roof that extended over our beck deck (which extends the entire length of the house) collapsed!¬† Hear about that craziness here. Here’s a shot of my husband and¬†his dad &¬†our borrowed snow blower on the back deck.¬† That lovely metal piece in the background used to be our roof ūüė¶

February 2011:  We took a much needed vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah!  We went skiing on some of the most beautiful terrain & ate at the oldest saloon in the state! Get the scoop on that trip here, here, and here.

March 2011:¬†We threw¬†our first rager!¬† About 100 people came to our house for a surprise party.¬† We had the pizza truck & a comedian, great time.¬† I got the DIY itch & painted a chalkboard wall in our kitchen & decorated it for the occasion. I drew Yankee Stadium & a pic of the b-day boy on it…

April 2011: My chicken tortilla soup recipe was featured by Oxygen Magazine!!¬† I was sooo excited, it’s my fitness bible (get the recipe for that here)!¬†My husband & I¬†did a photo shoot in a haunted opera house (see those pics & the insane video here) ¬†My craigslist desk makeover was “Freshly Pressed” and is still the most popular post on Finding Silver Linings to date.¬† I was stoked and amazed that I was also a ¬†“Pop Pressed” featured blogger!¬† Crazy!!!

Are you kidding?! I was so excited!

May 2011:¬† My mom & I had the best Mother’s Day ever!¬† We hit up Manhattan for a spa day, made it on TV, and ate at one of the best restaurants in the country!! (Hear all about it here).¬† I started my vegetable garden!

June 2011:¬† Here we are! Finally feeling settled at our house.¬† Getting the hang of keeping up after laundry, cooking, cleaning, wife-ing, ya know, that whole thing.¬† All in all, what a wonderful year!¬† I can’t wait to see what summer vacation brings!¬† You all know I have a list of stuff to do!!

Sorry for the uber wordy post.  I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Looking back does that to me.

Thanks for sticking around ūüôā¬† I love you guys!!!



Spring Is In Full Bloom

It’s the first warm week CT has had all year! Our back yard is looking prettier all of a sudden, thanks to our¬†puffy white blooms.

Yes, they are a little unruly, but so are my eyebrows and nobody seems to care ūüėÄ

My vegetable garden (my first time ever growing anything…on purpose) is sprouting!!¬† I am so excited!¬†

Green beans…

Zucchini & squash are looking the same, but I know that something’s brewing below the surface…

The romaine lettuce is popping

Even the onions!

Not to mention that my yard turned into Animal Kingdom! 

I realized what a wuss I am.¬† I saw a black snake and screamed so loud, I think the neighbor’s cat went deaf!¬† He slithered (bleh!) away, and I stumbled upon this guy that didn’t move quite as quickly.¬†

He heard me scream and tucked his head in, hahah!

This little cutie¬†didn’t move.¬† He must be smart.¬† He must have known that the high-pitched noise coming from me wasn’t my battle cry.¬†

My mom bought me a hummingbird ornament for the garden. 

The crazy Spring Fever was in the air without a doubt.  Either that or the solar-powered glow of the hummingbird must have given off some kind of mood lighting.  Either way, these bugs were into it.

Okay, I know it’s borderline¬†inappropriate,¬† but I couldn’t believe my eyes, hahahh!¬†¬†

Bug Porn.  This blog has sunk to a new low. 

I’ve also ¬†learned that weeding sucks.¬†¬† Royally.¬† It’s the worst task ever.¬† I may start an advertisement on craigslist…

Need to hire a garden weeder. Must like frogs. Will pay in cookies for compensation. 

Sounds good to me!


Are you sprouting anything this year?  What are some beginner gardening secrets?  Help a girl out!

Pie Hangover. Somebody Check Me In To The Betty Crocker Clininc!


So, yeah.¬† Um… that’s embarrassing.¬†

I woke up yesterday morning and ate a slice before work. I had a nibble (or two) (okay fine, five). I was slicing off these ridiculous slivers of pie like, a quarter of an inch thin in a pathetic¬†attempt to justify having more. “If I just have this super-duper¬†itty¬†bitty teeny tiny taste, it’s not thaaaaat bad”.

I had to get as far away from our refrigerator as possible, so I went outside to the garden-in-training. I dumped a whole bag of Miracle Grow topsoil to give these poor seedlings a shot in hell. I watered the garden bed, and I even made little laminated labels so I knew what was what –if anything should sprout one day ūüėČ

Our flowers around the yard are finally blooming!!

Once there was nothing left for me to do with my wanna-be green thumb, my thoughts strayed to the pie *cue Jaws theme**

So I decided to go for a spin on our new(ish) Blaster ATV with my groom.  I had way too much fun riding that thing, oh our poor neighbors! I felt like a seven-year old again. Not to mention that we totally looked like this scene from Dumb & Dumber:

I was feeling the itch to have another slice when I decided that I should distract myself and give Rocco a bath.  He was not happy about it.

He went totally bonkers when he got out!¬† He ran around the house for like 5 straight minutes like a mad dog as fast as he could!¬†¬† He must have been feeling tough after getting sent to the evil bathtub and coming out with more Jerry Curls than Rick James.¬† He’s so brave, my boy!

I cracked open a Light Mike’s Hard Lemonade while I whipped up dinner, cuz I’m classy like that ūüėČ What?! Alcohol curbed my craving.

If you decide to make this pie (get the evil recipe here), do yourself the favor, and have lots of people around. You’ll only be able to get one slice, because it will be gone, or you won’t eat the whole damn thing (like, ahem, me) out of sheer humiliation. Bake at your own risk.

I’m in Garden Mode….

A garden that is mobile?!¬† I found this over at Houzz.com¬† and I’m in love with it!

Brian Patrick Flynn

It’s a definite DIY project & is now on my To-Do List.

Check out the whole project here. 


Do you guys know of any cheap & easy garden DIY projects?