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Eye Candy Friday: Hello Yellow!

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A Little Eye Candy

I used to post a series that consisted of a motivational quote every Friday (it was called  “Friday’s Food For Thought”).   I wanted this blog to be a positive and motivating experience for myself as well as anyone else that stumbled upon it.
Somehow that series phased itself out because not following through is a major weakness of mine.  As a blogger, I liked having a little bit of structure to my game plan.  At the end of the week, I wasn’t wracking my brain in an attempt to come up with something fun, new and exciting.  It was a definite post that I could depend on, as well as the FSL readers.  A blog goal of mine was to start either a linky party once a week (which is kind of in the works) or a weekday theme of some sort.
Also, this blog use to be very home decor heavy (which I love!).  We haven’t been doing too many exciting things in that area lately, but just because we haven’t done any amazing improvements, doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of awesome inspiration out there.  My head is overloaded with ideas for future projects -thanks in part to Pinterest and house-y blogs!
Here’s a little line up of some good stuff floating around in cyberspace that has caught my eye…
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{IMG from decorhacks.com }
{IMG from housetohome.co.uk}
{IMG from Sara-Kate-Studios.com}
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{IMG from inspirationforhome.com}
I’m not promising this series will be a permanent fixture on FSL, but we’ll take it week-by-week and see how it goes.
I’d love to hear some reader input from you guys.  Is this something you’d look forward to seeing here weekly, once in a while, or never ever again.  I trust your opinion 🙂  Thanks for stopping by!

2012 Goals

I don’t like to make New Years Resolutions.  I like to make goals.  Resolutions are so definite.  Goals are something to shoot for. Mainly these  goals that are listed are from my bucket list (click the link below the blog banner to see that).

Hopefully this year, the bucket list will have lots more items crossed off!!

I broke mine down into categories because I’m cuckoo.


* Go To Europe

* Ski out west again

Utah Trip 2011


* Create a new visual arts curriculum

* Teach a graphic design unit in my 7/8 portfolio class

* Start my master’s degree

* Sell my FSL Boutique accessories in a local shop


*Create “social zones”  in our living room

*New vanity in master bath and downstairs bath

* Get or make a kitchen island

*Repaint kitchen & bathrooms


*Be able to ski a mountain without stopping at all and not have my legs burn

* Switch primary care physician

*Walk on the beach with little to no jiggle *fingers crossed*

*Take a vitamin supplement every day


* Switch to self hosted site

* Make my home page more visually appealing

A few of these goals are already in the works.  I have an appointment today for a physical wellness visit with my new doctor (it’s  Mr. FSL’s doc too), I’ve been taking vitamins every day since January 1st, and our ski trip is booked for February break.


What are your goals for 2012?

Do you have any suggestions to help me reach any of my goals?

The Night I Met Anthony Bourdain


It’s no secret that Anthony Bourdain is my personal hero.  The guy has the best gig going.  He’s paid to travel all over the world, eat and sight see like the locals do, bypassing the tourist traps and cutting straight to the good stuff.  He’s the host of No Reservations.

Oh yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy too.  He’s not just a man who gets paid to have this amazing job.  He’s paid his dues.  He was a chef in NYC for years, he’s written books that made the Best Seller lists, he hangs with celebrities like Christpher Walken and Bill Murray, he’s not afraid to speak his mind, drop the occasional F*bomb, and unapologetically drinks on camera. He’s hit rock bottom and came back with a vengeance (who doesn’t love an underdog?!).  So yeah, like I said, he’s pretty darn cool.

I have seen him on his tour last year.  Click here to hear all about how rocking that was.   The link will send you to my review of his show and how Bourdain is breaking boundaries between the elitist foodie crowd and local street vendors as to what constitutes great food.  More specifically, how food brings people together, surpassing the language barrier and social status.

IMG via Tastydays.com

A month ago, my mom surprised me with tickets to his latest tour.  The day of the show, she called me with news that she bought the wrong tickets.  My heart sank!  I’ve been looking forward to the show.  She told me she accidentally bought VIP tickets and we would be sitting in the 5th row & get to attend the “Meet & Greet” book signing after party.    I immediately freak out when I hear the news!

The next day came, and I scooped my mom up from work early so we can make our 5:30 reservations at a local restaurant.

That’s my mom digging into her apple crisp dessert.  I had the chocolate pate.

It tasted better than it looked!

We went to the pre-show wine tasting.  Man!  This guy knows how to throw a party!  We tried a fresh prosecco and a dry merlot.  Really nice.

We made our way all the way down to our seats.  I am clearly very excited about our up close and personal seats!

The theater was beautiful.  Here’s a shot of the elaborate ceiling.

The show was great. Bourdain had some really crazy video clips he shared with the audience about the not-so-glamorous side of his job.  Food poisoning, a certain bone-crushing Turkish massage, and atomic wedgies!  The Zero Point Zero video and cinematography crew (super talented people)  get basically the same experience as he does.  Lucky dogs!

He keeps the discussion down to earth.  He develops a relationship with the audience, as a good speaker naturally does.

When the show was over, I hopped in line with my hardcover copy of Medium Raw in hand.

I snapped a photo of my mom with him.  She looks buff!

As she posed for the photo, my heart was pounding out of my chest!  He looked so cool sipping his beer.

He signed my book 😉

I had made a mental list of things I wanted to ask and say to him if I ever got the chance to meet him.


Okay, here I go!

*cricket sounds*


I walk up to his table and go completely blank.  Doh! Worst case scenario 😦  I told him about my list and how I forgot it all.  He laughed and we smiled for this picture that will be framed in my kitchen (for good luck!).

At least I didn’t blink 🙂

Pinterest Can Give You Better Hair & Makeup Skills (part 3)


Yep.  Have you ever tried to explain how you want your stylist to do your hair for the upcoming wedding that you have to go to? Like used only words.  Bad things can happen for both you and your hair dresser all because you said “caramel highlights” and her idea of caramel is copper and yours is a medium blonde.   Or let’s say that you’re smarter than me, and know that you should probably bring a photo of what you want so the poor girl behind the MAC Makeup counter has a clue what you’re talking about when you say subtle smokey eye (yeah, you know what I’m talking about 🙂 ).  Pinterest has  been an endless supply of envy-worthy hair and makeup photos.

Follow my hair inspiration board here to see some more tutorials and photos.

Here’s a cute way I learned to twist up the front of my hair.  Perfect for bangs that are growing out…

Lauren Conrad shows you how to make a fishtail braid in a super-quick video clip…

Here are a few photos to print out and take to the salon and say “Make my hair look like this.  Please.”

Click here to see my makeup pinboard. I just started this board, so it’s still growing…

Pretty & feminine makeup

Fresh faced for work…

Wedding day makeup with tutorial and list of products…

Fun girl’s night out makeup!


Here’s a link to the best makeup video tutorials ever…(click the image)


Pinterest Can Inspire You To D-I-Y! (Part 2)

I’m on a full blown Pinterest bender.  Seriously.  This series will have a couple more installments to come…

Pinterest was practically made for disorganized creative types.  There’s actually an entire category for Do-It-Yourself project pins.  I’ve found so many crafty ideas that are on my to-do list…er…DIY pinboard!

Some I’ve already made…

Inspiration pin:

My version & tutorial:

Inspiration Pin:

The one I made for our 1st anniversary gift:

Here are some projects I hope to tackle in the future…

A dresser repurposed into an island

Tall cylinders, rubber bands & spray paint!

Fabric covered drawers for the craft room

What crafty things have you spotted on Pinterest?  Do tell & link up!!!

Pinterest Can Teach You How To Dress (Part 1)

I know I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest.  I know.


No really I do.


The fashion pins have really been rocking my world lately though.  I used to consider myself reasonably well dressed.  I knew I didn’t have the wardrobe or cash of Blake Lively, so I knew I wasn’t stepping out of casa FSL in Christian Louboutains.  However, the way I put an outfit together was all wrong.  You don’t really need a ton of money to dress well.  You need to understand proportion and accessories.

Lately I’ve been pinning style boards.  They can be made on Polyvore.com.  But I’m lazy I guess. I’m inspired by what other people have been putting together.


Here are some of my recent faves…

These aren’t the only ways Pinterest can teach you how to dress.  Nope.  There are countless cute outfit pictures to pin and re-pin…then come up with your own version!

Follow my style inspiration pinboard by clicking  here.

What are some of your favorite style inspiration pictures?  Post the links in your comment!

A Second Chance…Again!!

Back in March, I was on a mission to bring this moodboard to life in my house.

It is so important for me to have some kind of direction, so I need to create these moodboards or I have severe shopper’s ADD.

If you remember, I let that Restoration Hardware mirror slip right through my fingers and was so bummed.  A month ago, I found it (again!) at TJMaxx. Hear that saga here.  I was so happy that my little vision was coming to life…

There were a few pieces still to add, but it was on its way. I still really wanted that lamp. I literally got into a fight over it in Home Goods.  I lost.  I was sad 😦  . So sad, in fact that I whined about it here.

Well, today I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and ended up in the “Back to College” area and saw this!!!

This shiny little light was happily smiling back at me with a $19.99 price tag.

He finally lives in his rightful place.

Up next, the apothecary jars,  pink tray & silver vase mission!  If I don’t find ones that I like, stay tuned for those D-I-Ys.

Wedding Week Part 4

Picking up from the “To Be Continued…”  The reception!  This was the most fun part of the whole event!  The party!  The ceremony was a bit more serious and very romantic, but it was nice to let our hair down after all of the planning, stress, and anticipation.

So much researching and decision making goes into this one day, and it all goes by so quickly  in a blur of camera flashes and kisses.  I am so thankful that our photographers (See their blog here!  They are truly amazing!!) got so many pictures of the details that I surely missed during all of the confusion and happy chaos.

Here’s where our guests “signed in”.  My husband and I are very fortunate to be able to say that both of our parents are still together.  We thought it would be a nice touch to have their wedding photos displayed.

To hold cards or gifts we used a birdcage that we decorated with some flowers & tulle.  The ornament is from Lisa Leonard Designs.

Instead of a guest book we did this…

And the stones sit in decorative bowls in our living room.  They are always a conversation piece.  I didn’t want a book that just collected dust, plus it’s more fun to write on a stone 😀

Instead of buying favors that everyone most likely will throw out, we opted to make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. and my mom really wanted matches because she’s a kook.

I thought it was a fun idea to have baloons with long ribbons all along the dance floor (it reminded me of the prom scene in the 80’s flick “She’s Out Of Control” which was a favorite by the way).

I found these in TJMaxx for like 2 bucks and printed our names on them.

We didn’t go for the traditional cake topper, or even the funny bride dragging the groom.  We got these monograms & I’m making some sort of wall art with them soon 😉

We cut our cake to the song ” I wanna grow old with you” from The Wedding Singer, fun &goofy, but still sweet. If you’ve never heard it…

I thought I’d surprise him with a fun groom’s cake.  Since he is an avid skier, the cake looked like a ski boot 🙂


The banquet hall just installed uplighting literally the day before our wedding and they were excited to try it out, so they threw it into our package for free! It really made the room feel festive and romantic. Plus there is a warm pink glow in all of the photos.


Here’s what each table looked like…

At 11:00 my grandparents kissed us goodbye for the night. I couldn’t believe how fast the day flew by!  We were so busy taking photos and thanking people for coming that I only had a couple of bites of food, and drank nothing but the toast. We only had 1 hour left to party.  So that’s exactly what we did.

When it came time for the bouquet & garter toss, Mr. FSL had a little trick up his sleeve (literally)!  Instead of pulling the garter, he pulled out a pair of huuuuge granny panties!  It was so funny! Did I mention he put them on his head??! LOL!

The rest of the night was filled with dancing & fun!

I think a great party is all about the fun details!  Thank you guys for stooping by to relive our wedding with us!  If you are planning your own wedding, I hope this little series helped to spark your imagination a little!  If you’ve already said “I do”, what details were your favorites at your wedding?

Love you guys



Open For Business!!!

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately (little to no comments on my end), I’ve been super busy working on my little project.  As the post title hints at (very obviously of course), the Finding Silver Linings Boutique is officially open on Etsy.com!  I’ve purchased some beautiful materials (silk, Swarovski crystals, etc) and practically locked myself in my craft room for a week.

So far it is mostly hair accessories and brooches, but I have so many other ideas that are about to take off very soon!  Each piece was designed with a specific person in mind and named after them.  I tried to capture their essence through texture and color (which of course blabbermouth I explain in every item description).  I made doubles of everything, so each muse gets their signature piece 😉 and one goes up on the site for sale. I ship all over the world, so no worries there.

Here’s my God daughter Karina (“KiKi”) rocking her new clips!

All of the pieces are hand-made by yours truly 😀 and are all easily customizable.

I hope you take a moment to check it out by clicking here.  All of my lovely blog readers get 10% off by using the coupon code “WELCOME10” at check out 😉 .

If you have a blog or website of your own, and would like to host a Finding Silver Linings Boutique giveaway (and score some sweet free swag for yourself), please email me at FindingSilverLinings@gmail.com! Also, if you refer a friend that makes a purchase, please tell them to mention your name & email so I can hook you up with a proper thank you 😉

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement!!  I love you guys.