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How I Brought My Old High Heels Back To Life!

If you know me, you know what a shoe girl I am.  It sounds cliché, but it’s true.  It’s almost embarrassing that I used to sneak new shoe boxes into my house or leave them in my car until nobody was home.  “Oh these shoes? These old things?!  I had them at the bottom of my closet and forgot all about them until I found them tonight”.  If I was Pinocchio, I would have poked out countless eyes with my quickly growing nose.

IMG from Insidepulse.com

This was last weekend’s attempt to “organize” some of my summer shoes and stuff them under my bed in this vinyl thingamajig.

Let me get to the point.  I saw this on Pinterest and had to do it. Click HERE to see my pinboards.

D-I-Y Glitter Heels!! Click here to see the tutorial I followed.

I had the perfect heels waiting for this project.  Scuffed, comfy, and sitting in my closet already.

See?!  Scuffed. These girls and I have been through some good times together.  I just wasn’t ready to toss them yet…

I gathered my funky old shoes, super-fine glitter (I had silver & blue on hand), Mod Podge (I used satin finish), a stiff bristle paintbrush, a disposable tray, and a large piece of paper (or newspaper to protect your work surface).

I poured out about 1/3 of the glitter onto my tray. I decided to go with only silver.  You can mix colors if you’d like I’m sure.

I poured in a blob of Mod Podge.  You can always add more, so I went easy and it was just enough.

I stirred it up until it was well mixed and goopy.  I panicked a little bit when it looked cloudy, but Mod Podge dries very clear. No worries 🙂 .

I applied a not-too-thin-but-not-too-thick first coat to the shoes.

I let this coat dry for about 20 minutes. Then I slapped on another coat.

It’s pretty safe to say that at this point, I was squealing like a 10-year-old Justin Bieber fan.

I was twirling skipping wearing these all day long!  I kept looking down at my feet and giggling!


What do you collect?  Are you a shoe/ purse/ jewelry hoarder?  Confessions shall be filed in the comment section 😉

FSL Boutique Giveaway On Design Build Love!!

Good morning lovely readers!! If you follow FSL on twitter you already know that 2 brand new, hot off the press FSL Boutique Sasha Headbands are up for grabs on Design Build Love’s giveaway this week!  If you don’t follow this blog (@FSLblog) on twitter, click here.

Winner receives both Sasha headbands shown in the photos.  One for you and one for a friend perhaps? Prizes come gift wrapped separately. Entry submissions must be from the USA.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Here’s the product description:

The Sasha Headband will add that extra something special to a pulled back ponytail or bun. The turquoise thin peacock feathers shimmer and the small silver rimmed jewel adds a touch of sparkle. It also comes in lime green and black cheetah print feathers. The feathers sit flat against the headband. It is backed in black felt to sit comfortably and securely against the hair. This item would look gorgeous with jeans or even a cocktail dress! Either would be the perfect bridesmaid gift. The Sasha is truly a unique piece and is a nod to the 1920’s flapper style. These headbands can be customized on a hard headband or a soft, stretchy headband.

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

Yes, I made myself one, lol!

Peacock Feather Turquoise Or Lime Green Cheetah Sasha Headband

If you’re liking what you’re seeing, head on over to Ashley’s blog by clicking here to enter.

Here are some new holiday pieces I just whipped up.  They are all posted on Finding Silver Linings Boutique.

Set of 2 Red & Gold Or Gold on Gold  Bella Hair Clips

Christmas & Winter Themed Tu Tu Hair Accessories

Green & Red Flower Headband

Scarlet and Silver Chloe Headband

Yay for stocking stuffers!!

Readers may enjoy 15% off their entire purchase by entering coupon code “DBLOVE” at checkout!

Head on over to Design Build Love and say hola to Ashley!  Her blog is D-I-Y amazingness! Good luck to all that enter the giveaway!

Pinterest Can Give You Better Hair & Makeup Skills (part 3)


Yep.  Have you ever tried to explain how you want your stylist to do your hair for the upcoming wedding that you have to go to? Like used only words.  Bad things can happen for both you and your hair dresser all because you said “caramel highlights” and her idea of caramel is copper and yours is a medium blonde.   Or let’s say that you’re smarter than me, and know that you should probably bring a photo of what you want so the poor girl behind the MAC Makeup counter has a clue what you’re talking about when you say subtle smokey eye (yeah, you know what I’m talking about 🙂 ).  Pinterest has  been an endless supply of envy-worthy hair and makeup photos.

Follow my hair inspiration board here to see some more tutorials and photos.

Here’s a cute way I learned to twist up the front of my hair.  Perfect for bangs that are growing out…

Lauren Conrad shows you how to make a fishtail braid in a super-quick video clip…

Here are a few photos to print out and take to the salon and say “Make my hair look like this.  Please.”

Click here to see my makeup pinboard. I just started this board, so it’s still growing…

Pretty & feminine makeup

Fresh faced for work…

Wedding day makeup with tutorial and list of products…

Fun girl’s night out makeup!


Here’s a link to the best makeup video tutorials ever…(click the image)


Pinterest Can Inspire You To D-I-Y! (Part 2)

I’m on a full blown Pinterest bender.  Seriously.  This series will have a couple more installments to come…

Pinterest was practically made for disorganized creative types.  There’s actually an entire category for Do-It-Yourself project pins.  I’ve found so many crafty ideas that are on my to-do list…er…DIY pinboard!

Some I’ve already made…

Inspiration pin:

My version & tutorial:

Inspiration Pin:

The one I made for our 1st anniversary gift:

Here are some projects I hope to tackle in the future…

A dresser repurposed into an island

Tall cylinders, rubber bands & spray paint!

Fabric covered drawers for the craft room

What crafty things have you spotted on Pinterest?  Do tell & link up!!!

Pinterest Can Teach You How To Dress (Part 1)

I know I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest.  I know.


No really I do.


The fashion pins have really been rocking my world lately though.  I used to consider myself reasonably well dressed.  I knew I didn’t have the wardrobe or cash of Blake Lively, so I knew I wasn’t stepping out of casa FSL in Christian Louboutains.  However, the way I put an outfit together was all wrong.  You don’t really need a ton of money to dress well.  You need to understand proportion and accessories.

Lately I’ve been pinning style boards.  They can be made on Polyvore.com.  But I’m lazy I guess. I’m inspired by what other people have been putting together.


Here are some of my recent faves…

These aren’t the only ways Pinterest can teach you how to dress.  Nope.  There are countless cute outfit pictures to pin and re-pin…then come up with your own version!

Follow my style inspiration pinboard by clicking  here.

What are some of your favorite style inspiration pictures?  Post the links in your comment!

Overwhelmed With Recipes!

I am on a Pinterest bender.  I’m actually addicted.  Not joking.  It’s a weird reflex to obsessively go on and pin until my fingers can’t click anymore.  How embarrassing. 

Lately, I’ve been seeing a crazy amount of seasonally delicious-looking dessert recipes.  Not really surprising since it’s autumn. It is the kick-off to baking season!  However, it’s practically a reflex to pin them when I see them…um, can you say food porn? Here are my top 5 (out of 5 zillion…so far) fall dessert recipes. I will be trying at least 3 of these out in the very near future by the way. 

Click the image to link to the recipe page. 

Be prepared to drool.




 Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…



Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Honeyed Pears In Puffed Pastry

S’Mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

5 Ingredient NO-BAKE Bailey’s Cheesecake!


Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies

Cheesecake Stuffed Cinnamon Bread

Have any favorite Pinterest dessert recipes that you’ve been wanting to try out?  Post the link in your comment!!  Want to see more drool-worthy recipes?  Follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

Ed The Bassmaster

I apparently have been living under a rock.  I have never heard of Ed The Bassmaster until last night.  We went out for dinner & a drink Saturday night with a few friends.  We all came back to Casa FSL after.  We were doing my husband’s faaaavorite entertainment activity.  Ever.  We watched funny videos on Youtube on our big screen.  Usually there’s 1 or 2 videos that will stir up a laugh.  We found this channel by accident.  We got sucked into watching so many videos, that before we knew it we were all laughing until tears were rolling down our cheeks FOR 2 HOURS!!!  Video after video was playing and we were laughing harder and harder!!

He does so many different characters he’s like a one man Saturday Night Live.

He also reminds me a bit of Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat, Da Ali G Show) because he satys in character and pranks people.   Ed  has THE BEST poker face I’ve ever seen!  He pranks like The Jerky Boys.  Ah-Mazing.

Here are 2 hilarious videos.  You have to watch the whole clip and then go on his Youtube channel and have at least an hour to spare. 

Wedding Week Part 2

Keeping on with Wedding Week, today’s post will be about planning.  It’s not an easy task to put together every detail of such a huge event and have it all work out beautifully.  Our wedding went off without a hitch thanks to careful planning.  This is especially odd because I am suuuuper disorganized!  I owe much of my wedding organization skills to my Matron of Honor, Jackie.

She signed me up on The Knot.com.  All you do is enter your wedding date and the site lets you know when you need to do what.  For example, when you log in, your checklist will pop up and tell you that you should be thinking about ordering your invitations, offer you different wording options, show you a zillion examples of cool invites, etc. I am notoriously forgetful, and I didn’t forget ANYTHING because of this website!  Plus, there is a budgeter, a guest list manager, and so many other useful tools.  See it here.

Here’s a list of great websites that I obsessed over thought were really useful resources…

Style Me Pretty is a fantastic site that is packed with inspiration, real weddings, and some sweet D-I-Y stuff.

The Wedding Chicks have some great downloads, and tons of ideas!!

Martha Stewart Weddings is run by the D-I-Y queen herself!  You won’t believe all of the ideas on here!

The Inspired Bride has so many D-I-Y ideas plus how to maximize your budget.  My favorite feature that this site has to offer is the color palettes.  There are so many different color combinations to choose from (and some you may not have envisioned before, but will love!) with moodboards.

A huge part of planning your wedding has to do with inspiration. I actually found inspiration at Victoria’s Secret!  Meeeeoooow 😉 !  LOL!  In their shopping bags actually.  I loved the hot pink, fuchsia, light pink & black combo (I added silver for some sparkle).  It screamed party to me!  Here’s a peek at my inspiration that came to life through the details of the day.

How to negotiate with vendors 101: Okay, before I went through this experience, I was not known for my sweet Donald Trump-esque deal making capabilities. I thought you went to a florist, tell them what you wanted, they told you how much it would cost, and either you could afford it or you find a new one.  Well, this approach got me 4 outrageous quotes and really panicky.  I finally was running out of options.  We couldn’t stretch the budget any more and I refused to end up with really low quality (which was apparently all we thought we could afford).  I finally decided that I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment with a florist that had gorgeous (and really expensive) flowers.  I told the consultant that I thought they were the best florist in the city (which is true) and that I knew I probably couldn’t afford them.  I told her exactly what I could spend and told her what I had in mind.  I asked her if she could do this tastefully on our budget.  She said absolutely!  So the moral of the story is: tell the vendor that you love their work, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, and tell them the maximum amount you can spend.

Don’t try to make everyone happy.  It will never happen.  If you love seafood and your brother-in-law hates it, just make sure to  have at least one alternative. If you love orange, and your maid of honor hates it, she can choose whatever color she wants for her own wedding.  You don’t have to be Bridezilla either though. When choosing bridesmaid dresses do take into consideration the various size and shapes of the girls.  Don’t choose strapless if you have a few top heavy ladies.  Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction during the bouquet toss!  There are a few cute dress lines (like J.Crew and Alfred Angelo) that have dresses in the same colors,  but different necklines or hem lengths.  Every girl can look different but still look similar.  I let my bridesmaids wear their hair however they liked, and wear whatever jewelry they liked too.  I always hated my hair up and I was in a wedding once where we HAD to wear our hair up.  Needless to point out, I wasn’t a happy camper.  Leave them a little wiggle room.


Link Lovin

I’ve been tagged by Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch.  This tag wasn’t about personal stuff like many are, but this tag is about recent blog posts that she was liking.  I’m into it! This tag love started to bring to light old posts from your blog like a good re-run on TV.  The old, forgotten great episodes, but for a blog. Also, Lindsay added a twist, she linked up with 7 blog posts that she loved too.  It’s a cool way to introduce people to blogs that they might otherwise never stumble upon.   I tend to generally follow along the same blogs all the time (because I love them!).  But every now and then, I get taken off of my usual path and find some truly amazing posts.  Here’s the tag…


To unite bloggers
(from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a
bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day

1) Blogger is
nominated to take part
2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links
on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.

3) We are going to switch it up a bit too! I’m going to link my favorites from other

4) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers
to take part.
5) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate
another 5 more bloggers

6) And so it goes on!
7) We’ll be
sharing the best posts from participating bloggers on our blog and everyday on Facebook and Twitter at

Here are my 7 links on Finding Silver Linings that you may have missed that are some faves. 

1. “Most Wordly”  For all you foodies out there, from one Fat Kid to another….Food As A Philosophy.  Plus, a glimpse into my Anthony Bouradin obsession 😉

2. “Most Hopeful” The page that sums up this blog’s philosophy.  To enjoy the little things in life & set goals to accomplish some big ones. See my bucket list here.

3. “Most Family Oriented” I share my earliest memories of my great grandmother.  See that post here.

4. “Most Viewed” This has been the most viewed post on FSL.  Do your happy dance, and hop on over to see the tutorial here.  

5. “Most Random Thought” uhhh, yeah. See that here.

6. “Most Dramatic” After living in our 1st home for just 2 months, disaster struck. Hear all about that one here.

7. “Most Excited Moment” This blog and its readers have motivated me to do and try so many new things.  You have given me the courage to do something I didn’t think I had the courage to do! See that here.


I want to share 5 great posts from other bloggers.

Here it goes!

1. “Best D-I-Y Knockoff” Michelle from Decor & The Dog’s notorious West Elm Headboard Knockoff with tutorial is amazing! See it here.  Um, did I mention she & her hubby did it themselves?! 

2. “Best ON Show” Ashley from Design Build Love and her husband were on House Crashers!  If you love a good makeover, you should check this out.

3. “Most Drool-Worthy”  Gloria from A Little Paint’s closet makeover is a must see.  Yeah.  There’s a  chandelier, turquoise hangers, a rainbow of clothes, serious accessory organization, and did I mention the shoes?? Click here, you know you want to.

4. “Most Inspiring”  Becca from I Heart Eggs is a figure competitor.  She completely changed her lifestyle and has the body to prove that strong mind = strong body.  Her story is incredible and inspiring.  Here’s an interview she did that sums it all up.

5. “Biggest Pancake Lovah”  Hollie from Lolzthatswimandrun is a self proclaimed pancake queen!  She has so many healthy pancake recipes and her healthy lifestyle, funny photos, and quirky sense of humor will keep you clicking! See her recipe page here.

Well, there you have it!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite posts and get the chance to check out some wonderful blogs from some amazing women.  Do you know of any “MUST READ” posts?  Share the link in your comment!

Have a happy Monday!!



Give Away Time!

To celebrate the grand opening of the Finding Silver Linings Boutique, I’m giving away a custom designed brooch to the winner.  Choose from a variety of fabric textures, colors, style, backing color and center material (rhinestone, pearl, etc).

"Josanna" Brooch

""Stephanie" Brooch

How to enter:

1. Follow Finding Silver Linings on Twitter @FLSblog (leave a comment with your @Twitter name)

2. Follow Finding Silver Linings on Pinterest (leave a comment with your Pinterest name)

3. (Get 2 entries for this!) Mention this very giveaway on your blog or website (leave a comment with the link)

4. Leave a comment telling me what kind of piece you’d like to win from the new FSL Boutique (colors, textures, etc)!

Don’t forget, FSL Readers get 10% off by using coupon code “WELCOME10” at checkout!!

Good Luck!!

*Giveaway closes at 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 17,2011.  The winner will be announced on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 6:00 AM  so look out for your name!