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Self Host Self Help? Not So Much.

If you follow me on twitter, you know what I’m about to say.  If you don’t follow me on twitter, you should.  Click here 😉 .

In a fluttering, impulsive, (so very typically me) fashion, I decided (in a split second) to purchase my own blog domain and make the jump to a self- hosted website.

In the next week or so, I’ll be posting the link up to the new address.  I’m really excited to have more control over the blog’s layout, have access to more interesting bells & whistles, and other cool stuff.  I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

I am very excited but I am struggling quite a bit, actually. If any readers know anything about using wordpress.org and want to help a sistah out, I would reeeeally appreciate it. Please e-mail me at FindingSilverLinings@gmail.com.

Speaking of changing things up, I dyed my brown hair black (thanks Tiffany for your input!), *iPhone pic, sorry guys*.


I cashed in a few gift cards at Home Goods and picked up a new comforter for our bed.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I love the pattern, I love my headboard.  I don’t know if they mesh well.

Rocco was digging it.

Thoughts on the new blog venture, hair color, bedding, Rocco’s mustache?

Please help this indecisive girl out!

My Favorite Gifts 2011

I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but I scored some pretty sweet stuff this year!

Here are my top 10 gifts that I found under my tree!

10: Diamond cross bracelet because sparkles always fit.

9: Ugg moccasins. They look & feel like slippers, but have a rubber sole like “real shoes”.  Plus, they don’t get funky if you don’t wear socks. I haven’t taken them off!!!  I swear, I even accidentally wore them to the gym!

8: This hoodie from PINK by Victoria’s Secret.  Fab cozies are a must.

7:  New ski pants

via Altrec.com

6: Eye cream and serum from Arbonne.  Smells fantastic, costs too much for me to  splurge on, makes my skin look & feel like a million bucks.

via A Case Of Beauty

5:  A lift ticket for Mount Killington

4: Milk Bar Cookbook!!  Be prepared for those fatkid posts!  (the creator of the Compost Cookie recipe wrote the book!)

3: Black-out curtain liners.  Weird gift? Yes. Not waking up at whatever time the sun does, wonderful.

2: A Kindle!!  I’m super excited about this one because I’ll be doing a ton of traveling in 2012, so this was a perfect gift for those long plane rides and my over-stuffed carry-on bag.

via Amazon.com

1: Slick new Rossignol bindings that match my skis that I got for my birthday!!

Rocco’s stocking was stuffed to the max!  He ripped his stuffed toys to shreds within 3 seconds of my giving them to him! But, he loved all of his treats and toys.

What were your favorite gifts?

Pinterest Can Give You Better Hair & Makeup Skills (part 3)


Yep.  Have you ever tried to explain how you want your stylist to do your hair for the upcoming wedding that you have to go to? Like used only words.  Bad things can happen for both you and your hair dresser all because you said “caramel highlights” and her idea of caramel is copper and yours is a medium blonde.   Or let’s say that you’re smarter than me, and know that you should probably bring a photo of what you want so the poor girl behind the MAC Makeup counter has a clue what you’re talking about when you say subtle smokey eye (yeah, you know what I’m talking about 🙂 ).  Pinterest has  been an endless supply of envy-worthy hair and makeup photos.

Follow my hair inspiration board here to see some more tutorials and photos.

Here’s a cute way I learned to twist up the front of my hair.  Perfect for bangs that are growing out…

Lauren Conrad shows you how to make a fishtail braid in a super-quick video clip…

Here are a few photos to print out and take to the salon and say “Make my hair look like this.  Please.”

Click here to see my makeup pinboard. I just started this board, so it’s still growing…

Pretty & feminine makeup

Fresh faced for work…

Wedding day makeup with tutorial and list of products…

Fun girl’s night out makeup!


Here’s a link to the best makeup video tutorials ever…(click the image)


Small Bath Makeover

The little bathroom (as we fondly call it) is the small one attached to our bedroom.  I’ve never dedicated a post to its makeover, and it’s actually one of my favorite rooms in the house. 

This is what it looked like the day we closed on our house.

 Yes.  Those are some yellow walls. 

 Let’s not forget the matching yellow toilet, complete with the lovely robin’s egg blue toilet seat ;P   & the sexy linoleum floor. 

Um, dark, dirty, and outdated.  Not a good combo, and definitely not a place that I want to shower and feel clean!

Here’s our bathroom now:

It took about 3 coats of ivory paint, new slate tiles (actually ceramic but they look like slate to me), a new sink, mirror, light, toilet,  okay, I guess just about everything is new.  It’s not that costly when the room you are trying to re-do is small.  

That cabinet above the toilet is brand spanking new.  I bought that badboy on clearance for $50 when I went crazy at Bed Bath & Beyond the day I bought the vacuum and floor stuff (scroll back about 2 0r 3 posts to hear about that and the throwdown with the lady in the return line 😀 ).

It’s mostly my bathroom since I’m the only one that gets primped and ready in there, so I stocked the cabinet with my junk toiletries.

Complete with my favorite Marilyn Monroe rocks glass turned fancy cotton swab and makeup brush holders!

I put my favorite potty time photo on display.  LOL!  This was in one of my first posts!  (Check that out here for a stroll down memory lane).

Any recent renovations in your casa?

As If You Saw A Ghost

Friday night was the grand opening party of our friends Mike & Marcie’s new photography studio. The place was packed, the wine was flowing, and the photographs on display were incredible!

The highlight of the evening was the video release. This couple is insanely talented. They put together a short film (about 3 minutes) that tells an enchanted if not eerie love story. The film is set to music, and you just might recognize the actress & actor *wink, wink*.  Also, you may have seen a sneak peek of that day here, maybe 😉 .  

As a gift, they gave us a huge print of this photo in a matted frame that now lives on the ledge behind our sofa.  Thanks guys!  You rock!

This was not our wedding, by the way. You can see our real wedding pictures (shot by the same photographers)  here.   This shoot was done purely for the love of the art and their passion for perfecting their craft.

This husband and wife photography team is always edgy and constantly pushing the envelope.  See for yourself…

The Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT opened April 2, 1889. The video & pictures were shot at on April 2, 2011, its 122nd anniversary. This location is said to be extremely haunted, and even appeared very recently on the SyFy network’s “Ghost Hunters” reality show. A quick video clip of that episode can be seen here if you’d like to hear the history behind this place. I’m glad this aired AFTER we were inside this abandoned building!! YIKES!!

Today is the official public release of the video and photos they shot from that day. 

The Sterling Opera House – A Never-Ending Story from Michael Maler on Vimeo.

 You can see all of them by clicking this link.  I just watched it on full-screen mode and got the chills! Feel free to poke around on their website.  Their work is amazing.  Please leave a comment on their blog to show your support!

Also shooting that day was Jennifer Dougan (you can see her blog here). Here’s a sample of her work…

Enjoy the photos & video!



Teaser Pics

I got a few preview pictures from the photoshoot this past weekend.

The flowers were done by BLUSH Floral Design (see their blog here).  I was in love with this bouquet!  It was just gorgeous.  Here’s a photo of my bouquet from last Saturday I found on the florist’s website…

I know I gave everyone a sneak peek from our photo shoot  (see that post here) with the best photographers on the planet (check out their blog here) but Mike & Marcie emailed me this picture yesterday afternoon.  It is much better than my fuzzy phone pic (obviously)!

This husband and wifephotography team is amazing.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots! 


Isn’t it crazy how different clothes, hair & makeup can make you feel different?

Do you have a certain outfit or hairstyle that transforms you on the inside?


I was reading Genie’s blog, and she posted a coupon for free mascara!

I was uber-psyched so I felt I should do the right thing.  Pay it forward to my favorite online friends!

Thanks Genie!

Sneak Peek

It was a busy weekend for my husband and I.  We hung out with our  friends Mike & Marcie who happen to be insanely talented photographers (see their blog here).  They shot our engagement pictures and our wedding.

(Gratuitous Engagement & Wedding Shots! HAHAH!  I have no shame.)

We visited a haunted opera house that is going to be featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters in a few weeks! 

Here’s a few blurry phone pictures from our weekend…


Do you believe in ghosts?  Did you ever have a paranormal experience???

An Unexpected Close Second

When I go on vacation, I usually pack the day of night before I leave.  I know this isn’t the best way to do things, but it’s how I’ve been doing it forever.  What?! I work well under pressure 😉

I told you guys, this being married and a responsible homeowner of 7 months stuff has made me a changed woman. This past trip, I made a list 🙂

I even packed so neatly, that I had a little wiggle room for my Uggs & blow dryer.

I mean, I impressed myself.  There was only ONE medium-sized (I didn’t even use the big one!!!) suitcase.  Not even the usual 2nd suitcase filled with shoes. No jumping on the suitcase to zipper it, no having to take out stuff to make it shut (like every single other time I pack!).  I was feeling so minimalist and paired down **cheesy smile won’t wipe off of my face**.

Until we got to Utah, drove to our house, and I took a shower. 

I got out, and went to put on my makeup for the night out.  I realized that I left most of it home. 

Neatly tucked inside an airline approved Ziplock baggie that was still sitting right on my bathroom counter.  UGH!

When we went grocery shopping, I reached for the cheapest thing I could find since I’d only be using it for a few days.  I grabbed the closest shade to my holy Chanel Mat Lumiere.

L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation.  It claims to be “super-blendable”. I figured, it’s better than nothing.  In my pessimistic, I-can’t-believe-I-frikkin-forgot-my-stuff-after-feeling-so-responsible-stupor I put myself in, I snatched up the bottle and paid the 16-year-old behind the counter at Walmart. 

I went home, showered & rubbed this lightweight gel-like liquid on my face.  To my surprise, it was super-blendable!  It far exceeded my expectations!!!  I really loved it! It’s super thin, so the coverage isn’t wonderful, but it blends like a dream.

Of course I went back to my Chanel when I got back home, but I have been using the True Match under my eyes and near my nose layered on top of the Mat Lumiere.  I love it.  Mix n match it baby!

My Morning’s Little Pleasures

Part of being happy is finding pleasure in the small stuff.  Making your morning habits become a ritual, not a routine.  I try to engage all of my senses.

Here’s a sample of an average weekday morning…

Brush my chompers with cinnamon flavored toothpaste. It’s my favorite.  Not minty, slightly sweet, slightly spicy clean mouth 🙂 

Slather on some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.  This stuff smells like dessert in the most subtle way possible.  Not greasy at all, but super moisturizing.

I stroll into the kitchen (where our computer & Bose speakers are) and get a peppy Slacker.com station up on my screen & into my ears.  This week has been the Adele or Sarah Bareilles station.

Adele's music is soulful and uplifting (and catchy!)

I put on my makeup.  I don’t just slap the stuff onto my face, but I use soft brushes and feel like I’m painting a picture. (Yes I am an art dork) You can see what’s in my makeup bag here.

I choose clothes to wear depending on what I feel like I need for the day.  I wear comfy shoes if it’s a really busy day, I wear a pinstripe structured jacket if I feel like I need to feel more assertive, or a cheetah print trench if I want to make the best of a rainy day.  Each choice you make can influence the way you experience your day (even the smallest details).

I fill a Magic Bullet cup 1/2 way with ice cubes

Add some skim milk

Throw in a scoop of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion in milk chocolate protein powder

Let the Bullet do its thing, and I have my morning chocolate milkshake.

This really tastes like a Frosty from Wendy’s.  Not kidding. 

Next, I flip on my Keurig coffeemaker.   I choose which flavor I want to jumpstart the day with.

Desicions. Decisions.

I usually end up choosing my favorite.  German Chocolate Cake flavor.

I’m not ashamed of my chocolate and coconut addiction.   I then add coconut cream coffeemate and a splenda.

Here’s a peek into my lunch bag…

Protein milkshake? check.

Water? check.

Chocolate-ey Zone Perfect Bar? check.

Green Tea? check.

Tupperware container with 0% Greek yogurt & natural peanut butter? check.

Bonus piece of fruit? double-check.

All this stuff goes into making for a happy start.

What is your daily ritual?  How do you make the ordinary extraordinary?