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Pinterest Can Teach You How To Dress (Part 1)

I know I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest.  I know.


No really I do.


The fashion pins have really been rocking my world lately though.  I used to consider myself reasonably well dressed.  I knew I didn’t have the wardrobe or cash of Blake Lively, so I knew I wasn’t stepping out of casa FSL in Christian Louboutains.  However, the way I put an outfit together was all wrong.  You don’t really need a ton of money to dress well.  You need to understand proportion and accessories.

Lately I’ve been pinning style boards.  They can be made on Polyvore.com.  But I’m lazy I guess. I’m inspired by what other people have been putting together.


Here are some of my recent faves…

These aren’t the only ways Pinterest can teach you how to dress.  Nope.  There are countless cute outfit pictures to pin and re-pin…then come up with your own version!

Follow my style inspiration pinboard by clicking  here.

What are some of your favorite style inspiration pictures?  Post the links in your comment!

A Second Chance…Again!!

Back in March, I was on a mission to bring this moodboard to life in my house.

It is so important for me to have some kind of direction, so I need to create these moodboards or I have severe shopper’s ADD.

If you remember, I let that Restoration Hardware mirror slip right through my fingers and was so bummed.  A month ago, I found it (again!) at TJMaxx. Hear that saga here.  I was so happy that my little vision was coming to life…

There were a few pieces still to add, but it was on its way. I still really wanted that lamp. I literally got into a fight over it in Home Goods.  I lost.  I was sad 😦  . So sad, in fact that I whined about it here.

Well, today I was in Bed Bath & Beyond and ended up in the “Back to College” area and saw this!!!

This shiny little light was happily smiling back at me with a $19.99 price tag.

He finally lives in his rightful place.

Up next, the apothecary jars,  pink tray & silver vase mission!  If I don’t find ones that I like, stay tuned for those D-I-Ys.

Wedding Week Part 2

Keeping on with Wedding Week, today’s post will be about planning.  It’s not an easy task to put together every detail of such a huge event and have it all work out beautifully.  Our wedding went off without a hitch thanks to careful planning.  This is especially odd because I am suuuuper disorganized!  I owe much of my wedding organization skills to my Matron of Honor, Jackie.

She signed me up on The Knot.com.  All you do is enter your wedding date and the site lets you know when you need to do what.  For example, when you log in, your checklist will pop up and tell you that you should be thinking about ordering your invitations, offer you different wording options, show you a zillion examples of cool invites, etc. I am notoriously forgetful, and I didn’t forget ANYTHING because of this website!  Plus, there is a budgeter, a guest list manager, and so many other useful tools.  See it here.

Here’s a list of great websites that I obsessed over thought were really useful resources…

Style Me Pretty is a fantastic site that is packed with inspiration, real weddings, and some sweet D-I-Y stuff.

The Wedding Chicks have some great downloads, and tons of ideas!!

Martha Stewart Weddings is run by the D-I-Y queen herself!  You won’t believe all of the ideas on here!

The Inspired Bride has so many D-I-Y ideas plus how to maximize your budget.  My favorite feature that this site has to offer is the color palettes.  There are so many different color combinations to choose from (and some you may not have envisioned before, but will love!) with moodboards.

A huge part of planning your wedding has to do with inspiration. I actually found inspiration at Victoria’s Secret!  Meeeeoooow 😉 !  LOL!  In their shopping bags actually.  I loved the hot pink, fuchsia, light pink & black combo (I added silver for some sparkle).  It screamed party to me!  Here’s a peek at my inspiration that came to life through the details of the day.

How to negotiate with vendors 101: Okay, before I went through this experience, I was not known for my sweet Donald Trump-esque deal making capabilities. I thought you went to a florist, tell them what you wanted, they told you how much it would cost, and either you could afford it or you find a new one.  Well, this approach got me 4 outrageous quotes and really panicky.  I finally was running out of options.  We couldn’t stretch the budget any more and I refused to end up with really low quality (which was apparently all we thought we could afford).  I finally decided that I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment with a florist that had gorgeous (and really expensive) flowers.  I told the consultant that I thought they were the best florist in the city (which is true) and that I knew I probably couldn’t afford them.  I told her exactly what I could spend and told her what I had in mind.  I asked her if she could do this tastefully on our budget.  She said absolutely!  So the moral of the story is: tell the vendor that you love their work, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, and tell them the maximum amount you can spend.

Don’t try to make everyone happy.  It will never happen.  If you love seafood and your brother-in-law hates it, just make sure to  have at least one alternative. If you love orange, and your maid of honor hates it, she can choose whatever color she wants for her own wedding.  You don’t have to be Bridezilla either though. When choosing bridesmaid dresses do take into consideration the various size and shapes of the girls.  Don’t choose strapless if you have a few top heavy ladies.  Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction during the bouquet toss!  There are a few cute dress lines (like J.Crew and Alfred Angelo) that have dresses in the same colors,  but different necklines or hem lengths.  Every girl can look different but still look similar.  I let my bridesmaids wear their hair however they liked, and wear whatever jewelry they liked too.  I always hated my hair up and I was in a wedding once where we HAD to wear our hair up.  Needless to point out, I wasn’t a happy camper.  Leave them a little wiggle room.


If It Comes Back, It’s Meant To Be

Okay.  There has been some debate here at casa FSL about the front wall’s artwork, as most of you know (if not, catch up on that drama here).  It looked like this yesterday morning:

Well, yesterday afternoon I was in TJ Maxx to buy a new wallet -and only a new wallet.  Of course, you know it never works out like that.  I somehow ended up in the housewares section and spotted it.  Oh yes.  The EXACT Restoration Hardware mirror that I almost had a complete fit about a few months back in Home Goods!! Here it is hanging on the dining room wall of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier.

Here’s the Restoration Hardware’s link for the mirror if you are curious.

Here’s me in March trying to figure out if it would work in my house.  I had a full-blown photo shoot in the store. Yes, I know I’m weird 😛

Some other lady was looking at it yesterday, and I almost puked.  I was NOT letting this lady walk out of the store with it.  It wasn’t happening.  She walked away as I stalked from the aisle behind her (muahahahah).  I snatched that thing up faster than a fat kid eating a melting popsicle!

I have no shame people.  None.  Ha!

This lil beauty now lives riiight here.  My husband is thrilled because his fave artwork is back in the garage waiting for a new paint job 😉

Next on my list is salvaged wood shelves above our console table in the dining room to match.  I seriously skipped out of the store today!

Have you ever had a second chance with the one that got away?

Uh Oh. I Found Pinterest.

My latest obsession!!!  OMG!  The blogosphere has been abuzz about Pinterest, and I finally hopped on that bandwagon.

Here’s what their website describes itself as:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people .

This thing was made for me!  I need a place that I can file (or pin) all of the things I find on some fabulous blogs that inspire me.  It’s virtual organization at its best, and I am completely smitten with it.

What have you been pinning lately?!

I’ve only pinned a couple of things so far, but it will multiply exponentially in the next few days I am sure of that 😉 .

Follow my boards at  http://pinterest.com/FSLblog/

Woo Hoo!

Our Entryway Wall Moodboard

If you’ve been following along here on Finding Silver Linings, then you know about the Restoration Hardware mirror scandal.  After sulking around and whining to my mother, cousins, and husband, I pulled myself together and made a new moodboard to inspire me.  This one has a little more swank and a lot more sparkle 😉 Here’s what I came up with:

1. Rich Cream by Benjamin Moore is the color of that room.  This will provide a bright, warm, neutral background .

2. The Pierre Mirror from Zgallerie.com is exactly what I’m looking for.  A large, round, statement piece for the wall.  The geometric pattern is bold and a bit masculine, not frilly.  The graphic shape has just enough detail without overwhelming the simplicity. Plus, it looks like jewelry for the wall 😉

3. The Montgomery Console from Pier1 Imports.  We have this piece already, and just moved him to a different location since Simon’s arrival.

4.  Apothecary jars add shine but since they are clear, they don’t hold any weight visually.  Plus, I can fill them whenever I want a small change. They will find their home on the tray (#5)

5. A fuchsia serving tray would add a playful pop of color.  I love fuchsia mixed with metallics for a luxe vibe.  The tray can sit on the lower section of the console.

6. A textured silver vase loaded with pink & purple blossoms keep things feminine, but not over-the-top. This should sit on top of the trunks (#7)

7.  The stack of  trunks add a touch of vintage globe-trotting cool to this space.  It keeps everything from feeling too uptight & posh.

8. 2 Textured silver lamps will sit on top of the console to keep the look balanced and add some much-needed light to the area (there are no ceiling lights in this room).

9. A stack of deep brown & a couple of fuchsia hardcover books keep things looking smart & lived in with a touch of pretty color to tie it all together.

FSL will be churning out moodboards for inspiration (ala YoungHouseLove.com).  If you are interested in a personalized moodboard for your home, contact me here to discuss the details.

What do you think? Do you plan things out before you shop?  Or do you kamikaze purchase?

HomeGoods Throwdown!

I was in HomeGoods this past weekend looking for a large mirror for one of the many bare walls in our house.  I was also looking for an interesting lamp to put on the table that the new mirror would be above.   I was looking at a lamp very similar to this:

It was industrial and silver.  Perfect. I unplugged it and put it in my carriage.  I put it back on the shelf to first find the mirror.  If the mirror I ended up getting was a different style, I’d need a different lamp (Yes, I know, I’m a fickle pickle). My thinking was, large item first then smaller accessories.  Stupid.  A soon as I put it back, some girl snatched it up, and put it in her cart!


Round 1

I followed this poor girl and her mom around the store like Mary’s Little Lamb, hoping that she would change her mind and put it back.  An hour later, I saw the mom without the lamp in her carriage!  I asked her if she put it back because I NEEDED it. She nicely told me her daughter had it in her cart.  Grrrrr. I didn’t sleep that night.


Round 2

This part of the story is sad.  I swear, I still feel like throwing myself on the ground and kicking my legs like a full blown tantrum fit for a 2-year-old.  I spotted a mirror that I loved, but I wasn’t sure if it would work above the table.   I searched the store to find a table that resembled my table at home.  I wanted to get a better idea of what it would look like.  Here’s me trying to figure it out.  I need help.  Seriously.  It was so heavy I look like I’m going to topple over!

Yeah. That's me. The weirdo behind the mirror.


I was so revved up from the lamp “stalking situation”.  I wasn’t sure if the mirror would “go” in  my already wood heavy dining room.  I strategically hid the giant mirror, just in case I went back the following day to buy it.  All along I was thinking nobody would find buy it.



I searched online for something similar to put into a moodboard.  I found the exact mirror on Restoration Hardware for $395 AKA $300 more than what I would have paid at HOmeGoods.  UGH!  I also saw it displayed prominently on the dining room wall of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier’s house. 

Exhibit A:

{IMG from re-nest.com}

I made this moodboard on mydeco.com (which, by the way is the coolest site I’ve found in the past week) and decided it was perfect! 

I went back a day & a half later.  I searched every corner of the store.  I asked the worker if he’s seen it anywhere.  He told me he put it back with the mirrors because it was in a weird spot (hiding under some colorful throw blankets 😉 ).  It was gone. 

I’m so sad.  I called every HomeGoods in the tri-state area & nobody had it.  So so sad.