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Pie Hangover. Somebody Check Me In To The Betty Crocker Clininc!


So, yeah.  Um… that’s embarrassing. 

I woke up yesterday morning and ate a slice before work. I had a nibble (or two) (okay fine, five). I was slicing off these ridiculous slivers of pie like, a quarter of an inch thin in a pathetic attempt to justify having more. “If I just have this super-duper itty bitty teeny tiny taste, it’s not thaaaaat bad”.

I had to get as far away from our refrigerator as possible, so I went outside to the garden-in-training. I dumped a whole bag of Miracle Grow topsoil to give these poor seedlings a shot in hell. I watered the garden bed, and I even made little laminated labels so I knew what was what –if anything should sprout one day 😉

Our flowers around the yard are finally blooming!!

Once there was nothing left for me to do with my wanna-be green thumb, my thoughts strayed to the pie *cue Jaws theme**

So I decided to go for a spin on our new(ish) Blaster ATV with my groom.  I had way too much fun riding that thing, oh our poor neighbors! I felt like a seven-year old again. Not to mention that we totally looked like this scene from Dumb & Dumber:

I was feeling the itch to have another slice when I decided that I should distract myself and give Rocco a bath.  He was not happy about it.

He went totally bonkers when he got out!  He ran around the house for like 5 straight minutes like a mad dog as fast as he could!   He must have been feeling tough after getting sent to the evil bathtub and coming out with more Jerry Curls than Rick James.  He’s so brave, my boy!

I cracked open a Light Mike’s Hard Lemonade while I whipped up dinner, cuz I’m classy like that 😉 What?! Alcohol curbed my craving.

If you decide to make this pie (get the evil recipe here), do yourself the favor, and have lots of people around. You’ll only be able to get one slice, because it will be gone, or you won’t eat the whole damn thing (like, ahem, me) out of sheer humiliation. Bake at your own risk.

Utah Ski Trip Powder Mountain

The 3rd day of our trip was filled with extreme highs and extreme lows for me. All in all, a crazy exciting day!!!

I still get butterflies when we pull up to a new mountain!!

Pulling up to Powder Mountain

We went to Powder Mountain.  A definite local spot.  This resort was huuuuuuge!  Like the name states, everything was covered in fresh powder.

The lifts were scenic to say the least.

I was really excited!

After my 2nd run (about 2 seconds after I took this cheesy picture), my legs cramped up so badly, it felt like a charlie horse from my calves to my quads.  I was dizzy, and a little disoriented.  I called it quits around noon.  I got sick (bleh!).  I gulped down about 5 or 6 cups of water and felt better once we drove to lower ground.  

After this trip, I have a new-found respect for water.  The altitude (11,000 feet up) dehydrated the body.  I underestimated what water (or lack there of) can do to somebody.

Water is nothing to mess with.

Take Me Away

Next question on the 30 day blog challenge is…..ah yes, lucky #13.

Where would you like to move or visit?

It’s a 3 way tie.

First up, the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Why, you ask?


Enough said.

Italy is somewhere I've been dying to go. The Almalfi Coast (Sorrento, Ravello, Positano…) is a picturesque city set on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Italian food, Italian shoe makers, Italian shopping, Italian art. Gelato. Yeah. Good stuff.

#2 Santorini, Greece

No words are needed for this explanation, but the buildings look like sugar cubes sitting along the turquoise water. The Greek Islands people. That’s uh nice. Ya.

#3 Phuket, Thailand

Pronounced Foo- Ket, not the way you were thinkin 😉 Fresh, fresh, fresh.

Any takers? I’ve wanted to go here ever since I saw the movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Weird fact: During our wedding planning period, we were a click away from honeymooning to all three of these locations (not in the same trip, but we changed our minds like a zillion times). We opted out of these dream locations because we ended up finding our house 2 days before the 10 days of Santorini bliss was booked.

There’s always our 1 year anniversary!

Where is your dream destination(s)??

Au Natural part deux

Well, to keep the natural textures flowing in our home, I like to mix it up. If things are found together in nature, than they’ll go together in my house (which is actually something to take into consideration when choosing color and texture palettes for each room and the whole house in general).

We have hiking trails in our back yard, so obviously there are tons of trees around. In addition to the cones that pine trees give us (you all saw in the previous post) we have oak trees. The oak trees drop these little suckers all over our lawn (driving my husband crazy!).

Me being a cheapskate super crafty, had a lightbulb moment when I saw our lawn covered in acorns. Similar to the pine cone candle concoction, I snatched up a glass hurricane from my local dollar store, popped in another white pillar (also $1) added some acorns, sat it on an old wooden lazy susan for a base. I later added the gold mirror (from a tag sale) underneath it all for some sparkle…
acorn hurricane

Au Natural

When it comes to decorating a home, things can get pretty pricey. Wall art, toss pillows, vases, they all add up. The little objects that sit on a mantle or fill a centerpiece bowl are the small details that give a room personality.

I really like the idea of having natural elements throughout the house. It keeps things looking unified and it adds texture to a room. I also refuse to pay a ton of money for this stuff.

I got a few glass bowls at my bridal shower, so I grabbed one of those guys (gift – free for me!), I bought a white pillar candle at the dollar store ($1), went outside like a crazy old bag lady and collected pinecones from the yard (free), and ended up with this cute little accent piece sitting on my console table — all for $1. Not bad Eh?