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Small Bath Makeover

The little bathroom (as we fondly call it) is the small one attached to our bedroom.  I’ve never dedicated a post to its makeover, and it’s actually one of my favorite rooms in the house. 

This is what it looked like the day we closed on our house.

 Yes.  Those are some yellow walls. 

 Let’s not forget the matching yellow toilet, complete with the lovely robin’s egg blue toilet seat ;P   & the sexy linoleum floor. 

Um, dark, dirty, and outdated.  Not a good combo, and definitely not a place that I want to shower and feel clean!

Here’s our bathroom now:

It took about 3 coats of ivory paint, new slate tiles (actually ceramic but they look like slate to me), a new sink, mirror, light, toilet,  okay, I guess just about everything is new.  It’s not that costly when the room you are trying to re-do is small.  

That cabinet above the toilet is brand spanking new.  I bought that badboy on clearance for $50 when I went crazy at Bed Bath & Beyond the day I bought the vacuum and floor stuff (scroll back about 2 0r 3 posts to hear about that and the throwdown with the lady in the return line 😀 ).

It’s mostly my bathroom since I’m the only one that gets primped and ready in there, so I stocked the cabinet with my junk toiletries.

Complete with my favorite Marilyn Monroe rocks glass turned fancy cotton swab and makeup brush holders!

I put my favorite potty time photo on display.  LOL!  This was in one of my first posts!  (Check that out here for a stroll down memory lane).

Any recent renovations in your casa?


If you are like me, and are obsessed with all things DIY, then you need to see this. 

Many blogs have done some sort of Ikea hack.  For those of you that never heard this term, here’s an excerpt from the site’s “ABOUT” page:

IkeaHackers.net is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, as we call it here, may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.

I am sucked in like a friggin black hole. It’s been hours, and the only reason that I am back to the real world (AKA blogging) is to share this link because I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

This bay window seat is on my To-Do List also.  It’s a bookcase on its side with cushions on top.

I’d add some fun cushions on top.  Maybe something like these from UrbanOutfitters.

I’m picturing it riiiiight here under this window:





Anything you’d like to Ikea hack?  Check the link, & let me know what you’re itching to make (or should I say re-make :))

Simon Says

If you’ve been reading over the past week, our kitchen has been going through a bit of a transformation. Nothing drastic (I wish I could tell you that I painted my cabinets :() but I thought I was Martha and made some new curtains and hung some freshly painted artwork

{IMG from DIY Network}


Our cabinet space is less than roomy to say the least.  I needed some kitchen storage, and the Montgomery console table just wasn’t cutting it anymore.   It was nice to look at, but there was no place to stash anything. 

My mother-in-law and I paid a visit to Pier1.  I love that place! I could have gone crazy in there.  I actually spotted a light that I really liked too, but ended up with Simon!

Yesterday I got a phone call that I needed to pick up the new addition! 

We unpacked him, popped in the glass doors, & I loaded him up. 

Aint he cute? 

 I chose the Simon sideboard for a few reasons. 

1. I needed more storage.

2. I like the way the espresso wood contrasts with the green wall.

3. It’s counter height.

4. The shape is modern, but not futuristic.

5. I love the vertical lines in the glass doors.


I decided to put some of my white dishes, bowls, and mugs along with some lighter wood and stainless kitchen-y items in to free up some much-needed cabinet space.  I chose to put these specific colors in because they contrast with Simon’s dark tone. 


I placed some white plates with some cheerful citrus fruit for a colorful kick on top. 

I get happier just being in my kitchen!

Now, all I have to do is throw a few small pictures next to the new artwork and I think I’m done with that wall for a while 😉

The impulse buy

We all have our faults. One of my many personality flaws is that I am impulsive. I was in Pier1 looking for an end table for my living room. Then, I saw a console table that reminded me of one I saw from West Elm! At that point I was completely sidetracked (end tables? what end tables?)and I was liking it even more. I loved it, but at $365, I didn’t want it that bad. Until, I found a little scratch on it and got it for 50% off (and my mom gave me $40 in store credit and a few coupons) I got this puppy for $135!! Since we just moved in, and we were supposed to be spending $ on things we needed not wanted, I had serious buyers remorse and even tried to bring it back from the guilt (we really didn’t need it). Since it was “Damaged” they wouldn’t let me. But it’s here, and I love it! I made a mental note that just because something is a really great deal, doesn’t mean I have to have it (even if I reeeeeally want it). I will try.
(Yes, that’s my handy dandy $1 pinecone creation in the middle)

What’s in your house that was an impulse buy? Share your buyer’s remorse right here.

Adios Milk Crate!

Like I said, the house is a work in progress, constantly evolving.  In our living room, there was still a very unfinished wall where our TV hung.

Hmmm.  This milk crate doesn’t exactly have the same appeal as our handy vintage wine rack. Obviously, we needed something other than this plastic thing to house our entertainment consoles.  I saw this at Younghouselove.com and thought it would be perfect.  Plus I loved the glossy grey finish.

We got lost in  wandered through Ikea’s labyrinth and found it. We realized it didn’t have any openings so our cable box wouldn’t be able to “see” our remote through the console doors. 

Just as we were about to call it quits in Ikea, we ended up spotting this (for only $50)!!  Nice clean lines, modern, and functional.  Perfect.
media console1
media console 2

Junk Drawer No More!

I used to have a “Junk Drawer” (Okay, a few junk drawers) in my room for bills, coupons for free victorias secret undies, random photos, etc.  It wasn’t fun to rifle through when I’m about to leave to return something and the receipt is MIA in the black hole of a drawer.  A few days after our house closing, I noticed something peculiar happening.  The junk drawer followed me to my new place! (What? Old habits die hard) I had to figure out a way to have these random things available (and visible) in our new and organized house.  Enter Homegoods.  I found this for $25, and it’s doin a pretty good job.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Tag sale season is over, but I wanted to share this awesome find!  I went to a garage sale last month looking for a wine rack.  When I spotted this bad boy for $1, I was all over it!  Like I said before, I love unusual storage items.  It’s an old fashioned milk crate.  Since I’ve been stalking perusing the Restoration Hardware website for decorating inspiration, I though this would fit right in at a much more purse-friendly price. 

Who needs a box?!

I’m all for non traditional means of storage.  We all need a place to stash our goodies, but doing this creatively is so much better! I was given these pretty cracked glass decorations.

I could have put them on my coffee table, I could have put a few tea lights in them, but I wanted them in my bedroom.  I tend to clutter (and I vowed to stop cluttering in our new house).  So I made these puppies multi task for me.  I popped my jewelry in them, and Poof!  Sure beats my ugly jewelry box that I used to keep inside my dresser drawer.  If it’s pretty enough to wear on your body, it’s pretty enough to display, right?

Pretty nifty. (I think Rocco is determined to be in every picture I take one way or another! It’s like frikkin Where’s Waldo!)

Here’s a few other ideas for jewelry storage I’ve had my eyes on from Urban Outfitters:

Got some really cool jewely storage ideas to share?