Eye Candy Friday: Hello Yellow!

{IMG from Maddiegdesigns.com}

{IMG from saraplus2.blogspot.com}

{IMG from bellemaison23com}

{IMG from littlelovables.com}

{IMG from aphrochic.blogspot.com}

{IMG from Staceysheppard.wordpress.com}

{IMG from livecreatingyourself.com}

{IMG from apunchofcolordesign.com}

{IMG from homebunch.com}

6 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Hello Yellow!

  1. Reblogged this on thebuildersbuilder and commented:
    It’s Ike the sunshine introducing itself, peaking at a dark night. Nice.

  2. Yellow and Gray work so well together! I like the front door pic so much!

  3. I love yellow! It makes a home look so fresh! I meant to tell you- I should my boyfriend a picture of the hair clips and he was like “what are those? It looks like I’m looking down on two ballerinas!”. I thought it was funny because I read that was the inspiration behind the design 🙂

  4. Yellow is my fave color!

    I might paint my front door and shudders yellow!

  5. I LOVE yellow! I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom with yellow. I also love colored doors…they are just too much fun! Found your blog from Decor and the Dog and I love it!

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