1st Anniversary Gifts & A Sentimental D-I-Y

Saturday we celebrated our 1st anniversary. We went swimming, out for a delicious Italian dinner (at the place that catered our wedding), ate our year old cake, then cracked open a bottle of Deleon Tequila (that we got as a wedding gift) and watched our wedding video. It was a perfect day 🙂

He bought me a really cute watch!  I love it!!

You guys know, I’m a sucker for packaging.  It came in an ice cube! How fun is that?!

I ended up giving him the speaker/ipod dock.  He really liked it.

I also made him a sappy gift, because I couldn’t help myself!  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and since we are going to Atlantic City to celebrate, I thought using a deck of cards would be a cute touch.

Here’s a peek inside…

We both like the idea of more thoughtful gifts.  I made & gave him something very similar for our 2nd Valentines Day, so it was a throwback 😉




8 responses to “1st Anniversary Gifts & A Sentimental D-I-Y

  1. TOTALLY IN LOVE with the deck of cards idea! Too cute and so personal! 🙂 And… umm… did you say Tequila?!?!? Totally a tradition in our household! Ya… we’re crazy like that! That bottle of tequila (and your watch and it’s cute little ice cube box) are totally gorgeous!

  2. Mindy!!!!!!!!! I love this idea! (I may have to borrow it!)

    Happy Happy Anniversary to you my dear and may you have so many more.
    (I just celebrated my 10th!)

    🙂 Suzanne

  3. How cute! Homemade gifts are so special. And don’t you just love Pinterest? So many great ideas, so little time 🙂

  4. Az. Small Business Network

    Happy Anniversary GF, Love the cards, what a GREAT idea! I would need at least 10 of them that said “You don’t get mad at me when I lock the keys in the car AGAIN!”

  5. Such great gifts!!! Congratulations! I love the idea of saving a bottle that was a gift of great tequila and sharing it w/ your cake. Every milestone is important but the first year is so special. Enjoy your trip!

  6. I’m glad you had a good time on your anniversary. Love the watch! love the deck of cards! By the way, I tasted the cake…it was DELICIOUS!

  7. Awww, cute idea!! (Nice work on the keys!)

    Very pretty watch. I like!

  8. I saw this on pinterest too! What a fun fun thing and I love that you actually did it.

    I have a feeling I have all these great DIY things on pinterest that I will never actually do.

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